Mafia Mamma

Mafia Mamma Movie (2023) Cast, Release Date, Story, Budget, Collection, Poster, Trailer, Review

Mafia Mamma Movie (2023):

Mafia Mamma is an American action crime comedy film directed by Catherine Hardwicke. Michael J. Feldman and Debbie Jhoon wrote the screenplay, based on an original story by Amanda Sthers. The film stars Toni Collette, Monica Bellucci, Rob Huebel and Sophia Nomvete.

Pre-production began in 2021 and principal photography took place in May 2022 on location in Rome, Italy. Mafia Mamma was released in theaters on April 14, 2023, by Bleecker Street.

Mafia Mamma Movie Information:

Movie NameMafia Mamma
Country United States
Language English
Release DateApril 14, 2023
Running Time1hr 41min
StarringToni Collette
Monica Bellucci
Rob Huebel
Sophia Nomvete
Directed by Catherine Hardwicke
Written byMichael J. Feldman
Debbie Jhoon
Story byAmanda Sthers
Produced byAmanda Sthers
Toni Collette
Christopher Simon
Cinematography by Patrick Murguia
Edited by Waldemar Centeno
Music byAlex Heffes
Production CompaniesIdea(L)
Vocab Films
New Sparta Production
Distributed byBleecker Street
Box Office Collection$5,025,588

Mafia Mamma Movie Trailer:

Mafia Mamma Movie Storyline:

Middle-aged writer Kristin is dealing with her son leaving for college, her sexist boss, and her recently discovered unfaithful husband. During this difficult time, Bianca, her estranged grandfather’s trusted advisor, contacts her with news that he has passed away and she must attend his funeral in Italy. Despite initial hesitation, Kristin is convinced by her friend Jenny, who is an outspoken lawyer, that this trip could be just what she needs to start healing herself. However, things take a turn for the worse when the funeral transforms into a violent gunfight, and Kristin discovers that her grandfather wished for her, his last living descendant, to assume the role of boss for the most powerful Mafia family in Calabria.

Mafia Mamma Movie Cast and Characters:

  • Toni Collette as Kristin
  • Monica Bellucci as Bianca
  • Tim Daish as Paul
  • Giuseppe Zeno as Carlo Romano
  • Eduardo Scarpetta as Fabrizio
  • Francesco Mastroianni as Aldo
  • Alfonso Perugini as Dante
  • Sophia Nomvete as Jenny
  • Giulio Corso as Lorenzo
  • Tommy Rodger as Domenick
  • Alessandro Bressanello as Don Giuseppe Balbano

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