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Rabbit Trap

Status: upcoming

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Rabbit Trap Movie Details:

Country United Kingdom
Language English
GenrePsychological, Horror
Release dateTBA
Running timeTBA
Age ratingTBA
StarringDev Patel
Rosy McEwen
Directed by Bryn Chainey
Written byBryn Chainey
Produced byElijah Wood
Daniel Noah
Lawrence Inglee
Elisa Lleras
Alex Ashworth
Sean Marley
Cinematography by Andreas Johannessen
Edited by Sam Sneade
Music byLucrecia Dalt
Production CompaniesBankside Films
Mad as Birds

Rabbit Trap Movie Cast & Characters:

  • Rosy McEwen as Daphne Davenport
  • Dev Patel as Darcy Davenport
  • Jade Croot


Set in 1973, the story follows a married couple, Daphne and Darcy Davenport, who move to an isolated cabin in Wales to complete their new record. When they capture a mystical sound during their recordings, a strange child enters their lives, leading them into a world where ancient spirits collide with reality.

Rabbit Trap Movie Box Office Collection & Budget:

Opening DayTBA
Domestic CollectionTBA
International CollectionTBA
Worldwide CollectionTBA

About Rabbit Trap Movie:

Rabbit Trap is an upcoming psychological horror film written and directed by Bryn Chainey and starring Dev Patel and Rosy McEwen in the lead roles. It is produced under the banner of Bankside Films, SpectreVision, Mad as Birds, and Align.

Lucrecia Dalt serves as a composer on the project, working alongside sound designer Graham Reznick and sound supervisor Brent Kiser.

Filming began in 2023 in Wales. Currently, the film is in the post-production phase, and the makers have not yet confirmed the release date.