February 16, 2024
1hr 45min
Status: released

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Salitan Movie Details:

Country Philippines
Language Tagalog
Release dateFebruary 16, 2024
Running time1hr 45min
Age rating18+
CastVern Kaye
Angelica Hart
Matt Francisco
Nico Locco
Directed by Bobby Bonifacio Jr.
Written byJuvy Galamiton
Production CompanyViva Films
Distributor Vivamax

Salitan Movie Cast & Characters:

  • Vern Kaye
  • Angelica Hart
  • Matt Francisco
  • Nico Locco


Newest Vivamax star Vern Kaye takes the spotlight. A suspicious wife follows her husband in Bali. She meets a dashing man who captures her heart. She soon wants her husband to really have an affair to alleviate the guilt she is feeling.

About Salitan Movie:

Salitan is a Filipino drama film directed by Bobby Bonifacio Jr. It stars Vern Kaye, Angelica Hart, Matt Francisco, and Nico Locco.

The film premiered on February 15, 2024, via Vivamax.