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May 19, 2023
1hr 32min
Status: released

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Sandwich Movie Details:

Country Philippines
Language Filipino
Release dateMay 19, 2023
Running time1hr 32min
StarringKatrina Dovey
Andrea Garcia
Nico Locco
Directed by Jao Daniel Elamparo
Written byBrillante Mendoza
Reynold Giba
Produced byVincent Del Rosario III
Cinematography by Freidric Macapagal Cortez
Edited by Peter Arian Vito
Music byJake Abella
Production CompanyViva Films
Center Stage Productions
Distributor Vivamax

Sandwich Movie Cast & Characters:

  • Katrina Dovey as Ria
  • Andrea Garcia as Candice
  • Nico Locco as Andrew
  • Luke Selby as Edward
  • Millen Gal as Andrew’s GF
  • Chesca Paredes as Erin
  • Regine Tolentino as Tita Angie
  • Richard Solano as AC Repairman (as Chadd Solano)
  • Ryan Sy as Candice’s BF (as Ryan Christopher Sy)
  • Lee O’Brian as Edward’s Dad
  • Katherine Mulville as Edward’s Mom (as Kathy Mulville)
  • Lucas Matthew Francia as Edward’s Son
  • Sahil Khan as Andrew’s Friend
  • Michael Olusegun as Andrew’s Friend
  • Jean Kiley Manguera as Host 1
  • Phoebe Walker as Host 2
  • Apollo Abraham as Psychiatrist
  • Rene Durian as Preacher
  • Maria Giovanna Soriano as Newscaster (as Maria Jovanni Soriano)
  • Jun Nayra as Ria’s Parent
  • Gigi Hernandez as Ria’s Parent
  • Akira Jimenez as Sexy Girl
  • Ayra Salvador as Sexy Girl
  • Jaggy Lejano as Security Guard (as Joggy Lejano)
  • Charry Castinlag as Manang Aster (as Ninay Castinlag)
  • Sofia Dweine Buniag as Batang Babae
  • Paolo Manere as Doctor
  • Meg Bryan Bermudez as Nurse (as Meg Bryn Bermudez)
  • Vanissa Rosaldo as Nurse
  • Roditas Arca as Nurse
  • Irene Marie V. Guzman as Nurse Station
  • Mharie Albesa as Nurse Station
  • Janet Dela Cruz as Nurse Station
  • Jojie De Guzman as Nurse Station
  • Jasper Cabrera as Patient
  • Barbara Corcuera as Patient
  • Leticia Baron as Patient’s Family
  • Makki Ramos as Patient’s Family
  • Cyrel Bugarin as Patient’s Family
  • Clent James Molina as Patient’s Family
  • Daisy Evangelista as Bridesmaid 1
  • Aihea Singh as Bridesmaid 2
  • Sean Villagonzalo as Wedding Guest
  • Aaron Hewson as Wedding Guest
  • Ali Gharibzadeh as Wedding Guest (as Ali Rezagharib Zadeh)
  • Luminita Gamboa as Wedding Guest (as Lumi Gamboa)
  • Nadia Hegazy as Wedding Guest (as Nadia Hagazy)
  • Gina Osabel as Reception Guest (as Gina V. Osabel)
  • Victoria Baisa as Reception Guest
  • Francis Gaddi as Reception Guest
  • Jhenelyn Castro as Reception Guest
  • Rachell Baldomaro as Reception Guest
  • Ward Chua as Reception Guest
  • Ian Gabriel as Reception Guest
  • Michael Dagdag as Reception Guest (as Michael Dagdaga)
  • Monica Albert as Reception Guest (as Monica M. Albert)
  • Red Musni as Reception Guest (as Redentor Musni)
  • Joselito Mariano as Rallyist
  • Rico Dionisio as Rallyist
  • Perlito Cortez as Rallyist
  • Mariejun Anatang as Rallyist
  • Marieja Anatang as Rallyist
  • Anjhelyn Pepaz as Rallyist
  • Mariz Omega as Rallyist
  • Allyza Pelea as Rallyist
  • Patrick Manalo as Rallyist
  • Reive Garcia as Rallyist
  • Jake Cosa as Rallyist
  • Jomarie Frinandez as Rallyist
  • Dave San Pascual as Rallyist
  • Eden Solidor as Rallyist
  • Emily Santos as Rallyist
  • Mary Joy Rodrigo as Rallyist (as Maryjoy Rodrigo)
  • Jasper Jay Sacay as Rallyist (as Jasper Sacay)
  • Joseph Daza as Rallyist
  • JL Martin as Rallyist
  • Charlie Tabaranza as Rallyist (as Charlie Tabarames)
  • Dennisy Mandy Camilon as Rallyist
  • Daniel Yupo as Rallyist
  • Rainier Mistola as Rallyist
  • Heroshi Sera Jose as Rallyist
  • Jezzrell Sevencio as Rallyist
  • Rainier Espiritu as Rallyist (as Rainier Espiritu Jr.)
  • Mau Solito as Rallyist
  • John Kevin Justinane as Rallyist
  • Rodolfo Nacionales as Policeman (as Rodolfo Nacionales Jr.)
  • Mark Albert Lili as Policeman
  • Alon Miralles as Policeman
  • Astrobal Cartujano as Policeman
  • Arnel Mudlong as Policeman (as Arnel Mudleng)
  • Florito Maglente as Policeman
  • Lodie Favo as Policeman (as Lodie Faro)
  • Joma Donaire as Policeman
  • Peng Talosig as Policeman (as Pheng Talosig)
  • Harwin Erick Medez as Policeman (as Harwin Medez)
  • Hector Villanueva as Policeman


A newlywed couple invites a woman for a threesome. Unknown to them someone is watching their sexcapade. When the threesome becomes a foursome, that’s when chaos begins.

About Sandwich Movie:

Sandwich is a Filipino drama film directed by Jao Elamparo, written by Reynold Giba, and produced under the banner of Center Stage Productions.

It stars Andrea Garcia, Kat Dovey, Nicco Locco, and Luke Selby. Sandwich was premiered on May 19, 2023, via Vivamax.