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Showgirls of Pakistan

    Showgirls of Pakistan Movie (2020) Cast, Release Date, Story, Budget, Collection, Poster, Trailer, Review

    Showgirls of Pakistan Movie (2020):

    Showgirls of Pakistan is a documentary film by Lahore-born filmmaker Saad Khan, about the commercial Mujra industry of Pakistan. The soundtrack of the film is composed of old melodies of Lollywood films from the 1960s and 1970s.

    Mujra is a dance form that emerged during the Mughal empire, practiced by courtesans for the elite classes of Northern India. The documentary explores the prejudice, censorship, and misogynistic climate in which Mujra dancers work in modern-day Punjab, Pakistan.

    The film premiered in the IDFA Competition 2020. It was selected by VICE for its non-fiction collection The Short List, the film is also available on their YouTube channel. The film was positively reviewed by Foreign Policy, Dawn, Mint, Business Doc Europe and Upperstall.

    Showgirls of Pakistan Movie Information:

    Movie NameShowgirls of Pakistan
    Country Pakistan
    Language Urdu
    Release Date31 January 2020
    Running Time1hr 46min
    Directed by Saad Khan
    Written bySaad Khan
    Produced bySaad Khan
    Anam Abbas
    Cinematography by Anam Abbas
    Edited by Saad Khan
    Joey Chriqui
    Art DirectorJoey Chriqui
    Production CompanySavta
    Other Memory Media
    Distributed byN/A

    Showgirls of Pakistan Movie Trailer:

    Showgirls of Pakistan Movie Storyline:

    Showgirls of Pakistan revolves around the lives of three performers, Afreen Khan, Uzma Khan, and Reema Jaan. Afreen’s story follows her dancing in Lahore’s public theaters. She dances on a dangerous platform where performers are beaten, harassed, kidnapped, or shot. Uzma performs in rural private parties and dance bars in Dubai. Finally, veteran dancer Reema, a transgender woman or khawaja sira, had a promising dancing career on stage but now struggles to find work.

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