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The Outlaws

October 3, 2017
2hr 1min
Status: released

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The Outlaws Movie Details:

Literal meaningCrime City
Revised RomanizationBeomjoedosi
Country South Korea
Language Korean
Release dateOctober 3, 2017 (South Korea)
Running time2hr 1min
StarringMa Dong-seok
Yoon Kye-sang
Directed by Ma Dong-Seok
Yoon Kye-sang
Written byKang Yun-seong
Produced byYoo Yeong-chae
Cinematography by Ju Sung-Lim
Kim Yong-Seong
Edited by Kim Sun-min
Hwang Eun-ju
Production CompanyHong Film
B.A. Entertainment
Distributor Megabox Plus M

The Outlaws Movie Cast & Characters:

  • Main
    • Ma Dong-seok as Ma Seok-do[5]
    • A Detective Lieutenant in Seoul’s Crime Unit, assigned to put an end to Chinese-Korean gang wars in the Garibong district, of Seoul.
    • Yoon Kye-sang as Jang Chen (Chinese: 張謙 / 张谦, Zhang Qian)[6]
    • A notorious crime lord, from Harbin, China, leader of the “black dragon gang” (Heilungbo, 黒龙波) a Triad gang, who comes to Garibong to collect debts, and is known for dismembering anyone who resists.
  • Supporting
    • Jo Jae-yoon as Boss Hwang Choon-sik
    • Choi Gwi-hwa as Captain Jeon Il-man
    • Im Hyung-joon as Do Seung-woo
    • Jin Seon-kyu as Wi Sung-rak (Chinese: 魏成洛, Hepburn: Wei Chengluo), Jang Chen’s dependable right-hand man.
    • Hong Ki Joon as Sergeant Park Byeong-sik
    • Heo Dong-won as Detective Oh Dong-gyoon
    • Ha Jun as Detective Kang Hong-seok
    • Kim Sung-kyu as Yang Tae (Chinese: 樣態, Hepburn: Yang Tai), Jang Chen’s dependable left-hand man.
    • Park Ji-hwan as Jang Yi-soo (Chinese: 張夷帥, Hepburn: Zhang Yishuai)
    • Heo Sung-tae as Ahn Sung-tae (Viper)
    • Min Kyung-jin as Yeon Gil Restaurant CEO
    • Uhm Ji-sung as Wang-oh
    • Kim Gu-taek as CEO Kwak
    • Park Sang-gyu as CEO Won
    • Yoo Ji-yeon as Ahn Hye-kyeong
  • Special appearances
    • Cho Jin-Woong as Chief of the Regional police investigation unit
    • Jung In-gi as Chief of police
    • Oh Min-ae as Garibong-dong female merchant
    • Ye Jung-hwa as Airport head
    • Yoon Joo as Kang Hong-seok’s fiancée


In South Korea, a turf war that growing between a local gang that runs Garibong-dong in Guro District, Seoul, and the Heuksapa gang from Yanbian, The police are called in to attempt to bring peace to the neighborhood. Jang Chen is a bloodthirsty leader of the Chinese mainland gang “Black Dragon”, who works as a loan shark in a seedy Chinatown area of Seoul. He’s backed up by his henchmen Wei Sung-Rak and Yang-Tae. Jang Chen is beyond brutal in his methods of collecting money.

Meanwhile, Ma Suk-Do is a detective in the Chinatown area of Seoul, who along with his Captain Jeon Il-man tries to keep the peace, while two Chinese-Korean gangs dubbed “Venom Gang” headed by Ahn Sung-Tae and ‘”Cobra Gang” headed by Jang-I-Soo as they battle over the turf in the neighborhood. Jang Chen, along with Sung-Rak and Yang-Tae makes their move to take over Chinatown destroy the Venom Gang, and kill Sung-Tae where they take over Jang-I-Soo’s casino. Enraged, Jang-I-Soo attacks the casino. Sung-Rak and Yung-Tae fight with Jang-I-Soo and his henchmen but are interrupted by Ma, who arrests Sung-Rak while Yang-Tae escapes and informs Jang-Chen.

Ma and Jeon learn about Jang Chen’s crimes and they plan to arrest him. The next day, Jang Chen, along with Yang-Tae attacks Jang-I-soo and his henchmen where he, along with Yang-Tae kill them at Jang-I-Soo’s mother’s birthday bash. Later, Jang Chen’s location is informed by the hotelier CEO Hwang (Jang Chen and his henchmen had killed their men in the hotel), who along with his henchmen arrive and tries to kill Jang Chen, but the latter manages to escape and the hotelier is later killed by Jang Chen, who later learns Hwang’s involvement. Ma seeks the help of Chinatown colony members for help to catch the Chinese moneylenders. They accept and start taking photos of the moneylenders and the people.

Ma and his fellow police officers arrest all of them, including Yang-Tae. One of the police officers Kang Hong-seok gets caught by Jang Chen and is about to run a car over him, but Ma saves him by crashing into Jang Chen’s car. Jang Chen escapes and Ma chases after him but loses sight of him after a while. Jang Chen reaches the airport to fly away to China where he leaves for the restroom. Ma arrives at the restroom and a combat ensues between them. Ma manages to knock down Jang Chen and leaves him handcuffed in the restroom. The gang leaders are arrested and Jeon is congratulated by the commissioner where Ma and his team celebrate solving the case. Just then, Ma is called by the commissioner to investigate another case. -Wikipedia

The Outlaws Movie Budget & Box Office Collection:

Worldwide CollectionUS$52.9 million

About The Outlaws Movie:

The Outlaws (Korean: 범죄도시; lit. Crime City) is a South Korean crime action film written and directed by Kang Yoon-sung, and starring Ma Dong-seok, and Yoon Kye-sang.

The Outlaws was followed by a sequel titled The Roundup, which was released in 2022, and another sequel titled The Roundup: No Way Out, which was released in 2023

Principal photography began on February 27, 2017, and ended on July 19, 2017.

The Outlaws opened in South Korea on October 3, 2017. By October 23, it grossed US$36.3 million from more than 5 million admissions.

One month after it was released, the film marked 6.05 million admissions, with a US$44.1 million gross. By December 1, the film had reached 6.87 million admissions with a gross of US$51.8 million, making it the 3rd highest-grossing domestic film of the year in South Korea and the third best-selling R-rated Korean film of all time.

The film is remade in Hindi as Radhe, which is directed by Prabhu Deva, and was released on 13 May 2021. However, the film became a box-office bomb.