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The Roundup

May 18, 2022
1hr 46min
Status: released

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The Roundup Movie Details:

Literal meaningCrime City 2
Revised RomanizationBeomjoedosi2
Country South Korea
Language Korean
Release dateMay 18, 2022
Running time1hr 46min
StarringMa Dong-Seok
Kim Hong-baek
Jang Won-seok
Directed by Kim Tae-Seong
Screenplay byLee Sang-Yong
Produced byKim Min-Seong
Cinematography by Ju Seong-rim
Edited by Kim Sun-min
Music byMa Dong-Seok
Kim Hong-baek
Jang Won-Seok
Production CompanyHong film
B.A. Entertainment
Big Punch Pictures
Distributor ABO Entertainment

The Roundup Movie Cast & Characters:

  • Main
    • Ma Dong-seok as Ma Seok-do
    • Lieutenant of the Major Crimes Unit at Geumcheon Police Station.
    • Son Suk-ku as Kang Hae-sang
    • A vicious criminal who has been kidnapping and murdering Koreans in Vietnam.
  • Supporting
    • Choi Gwi-hwa as Jeon Il-man
    • Captain of the Major Crimes Unit at Geumcheon Police Station.
    • Park Ji-hwan as Jang Yi-soo (Chinese: 張夷帥, Hepburn: Zhang Yishuai)
    • A tour agent and former gangster.
    • Heo Dong-won as Oh Dong-gyun
    • Detective Sergeant of the Major Crimes Unit at Geumcheon Police Station.
    • Ha Jun as Kang Hong-seok
    • A Detective of the Geumcheon Police Station Major Crimes Unit.
    • Jung Jae-kwang as Kim Sang-hoon
    • The Rookie Detective of the Geumcheon Police Station Major Crimes Unit.
    • Nam Moon-chul as Choi Choon-baek
    • Choi Yong-gi’s father and a business tycoon.
    • Park Ji-young as Kim In-sook
    • Choi Yong-gi’s mother and Choi Choon-baek’s wife.
    • Lee Joo-won as Park Chang-soo
    • Consulate General of South Korea in Ho Chi Minh City.
    • Eum Moon-suk as Jang Ki-cheol
    • Kang Hae-sang’s subordinate, Jang Soon-cheol’s brother.
    • Kim Chan-hyung as Jang Soon-cheol
    • Kang Hae-sang’s subordinate, Jang Ki-cheol’s brother.
    • Lee Kyu-won as Doo-ik
    • Kang Hae-sang’s subordinate.
    • Cha Woo-jin as Choi Yong-gi
    • Choi Choon-baek’s son who was kidnapped and murdered by Kang Hae-sang.
    • Jeon Jin-oh as Yoo Jong-hoon
    • A self-surrendered criminal who is the reason why Ma and Jeon initially goes to Vietnam.
  • Special Appearance
    • Jung In-gi as Chief of Geumcheon Police Station


“You feeling it? We have to get this guy” 4 years after the events of the Garibong district round-up operation, Geumcheon Police’s Major Crimes Unit is given a mission to repatriate a fugitive who fled to Vietnam. Beast cop Ma Seok-do and Capt. Jeon Il-man intuitively realizes that there’s something wrong with the suspect’s willingness to turn himself in and uncover crimes committed by a terrifying killer named Kang Hae-sang. Ma and his unit begin their investigation across two countries and follow the bloody breadcrumbs left behind by Kang… No borders in catching the bad. Another exciting and tension-filled roundup.

The Roundup Movie Budget & Box Office Collection:

Budget₩10.5 billion
Worldwide CollectionUS$101.1 million

About The Roundup Movie:

The Roundup (Korean: 범죄도시2; lit. Crime City 2) is a South Korean crime action film directed by Lee Sang-yong and written by Kim Min-seong. Produced by Ma Dong-Seok, Kim Hong-baek & Jang Won-seok under the banner of Hong Film, B.A. Entertainment & Big Punch Pictures. A sequel to the 2017 film The Outlaws.

It stars Ma Dong-seok, Son Seok-koo, and Choi Gwi-hwa in the lead role. The film was released theatrically on May 18, 2022. The film became the highest-performing South Korean release since the COVID-19 pandemic. The Roundup became the top-grossing film of 2022 in South Korea, with a gross of US$103.96 million and 12.59 million plus admissions.

The film was scheduled to be filmed in Vietnam in March 2020, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the filming schedule in Vietnam was postponed and the domestic part was filmed first. Later, it was decided to complete the post-production in Korea by mobilizing local filming, sets, and CG. Filming concluded in June 2021.

The net production cost of the film was about 10.5 billion won. Including marketing and promotional costs, the total production cost was about 13 billion won.

The Roundup was pre-sold to 132 countries around the world ahead of its release in South Korea. North America, Taiwan, Mongolia, Hong Kong, Singapore, and the Philippines were preparing for the simultaneous release with Korea. It was released on 2,521 screens on May 18, 2022, in South Korea. The film was released in the Philippines on June 22, 2022, by Raon Company Plus.

The film was banned from screening in Vietnam by censorship authorities because “there are too many violent scenes” while some speculated that it might be because of the negative portrayal of Vietnamese Ho Chi Minh City in the movie.

On accounting its box office performance, the film opened at number 1 at the South Korean box office and mobilized 467,525 admissions, which is the best opening for a Korean film in the last 882 days.

It became first film in South Korea to register 10 million admissions in 2022 on the 25th day. It is the 4th film starring Ma Dong-seok to break through the $10 million mark, and the 20th Korean film in history to achieve the feat.

After being released in five countries, the film is currently ranked fifth in the global box office as of 12 June 2022.

The film became the highest-performing South Korean release since the COVID-19 pandemic.

Currently, it is the top-grossing film of 2022 in South Korea, with a gross of US$100.06 million and 12.59 million admissions, and also figures in the List of highest-grossing films in South Korea at 3rd place on the Domestic films by gross and at 9th place on the Domestic films by admissions as per the Korean Film Council.