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Transformers: Age of Extinction

June 27, 2014
2hr 45min
Status: released

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  • The film was the first feature film to be shot on smaller digital IMAX cameras, as well as various other film formats, such as IMAX 70mm film cameras, digital stereo 3D, and anamorphic and spherical 35mm film.
  • In February 2012, Paramount Pictures and Michael Bay announced that Bay would be producing and directing a fourth Transformers film, scheduled for a June 27, 2014 release.
  • According to the filmmakers, Mark Wahlberg performed 90% of his own stunts in the film.
  • The was the first Transformers movie not to receive any Academy Award nominations. The previous installments all had nominations in the technical categories.
  • Originally, Michael Bay was not going to direct a fourth Transformers movie, but he had an experience that changed his mind. After Transformers: Dark of the Moon (2011), Bay finally got to visit the Transformers ride at Universal Studios. Upon seeing fans waiting three blocks for the attraction, he realized he was not ready to leave the franchise just yet.
  • Dwayne Johnson was offered the role of Cade Yeager, but he declined, due to scheduling conflicts with Hercules (2014).
  • The KSI building in the movie is actually the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois building in Chicago. It is the headquarters of Health Care Service Corporation. Scenes were shot both on the exterior and interior of the building.
  • This is the longest installment in the franchise, at 2 hours 45 minutes.
  • There are about eighteen new robot characters in this film.
  • The film had its world premiere in Hong Kong on June 19, 2014, with a live concert by Imagine Dragons. Transformers: Age of Extinction was released in the United States on June 27, 2014, by Paramount Pictures.
  • This was the highest-grossing film in Malaysia, grossing about 13.52 million dollars.
  • It is the worst-performing movie to gross over $1 billion