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Woody Woodpecker

February 6, 2018
1hr 31min
Status: released

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Woody Woodpecker Movie Details:

Based onWoody Woodpecker by Walter Lantz
Country United States
Language English
GenreLive-action, Animation, Adventure, Comedy
Release DatesOctober 5, 2017 (Brazil)
February 6, 2018 (United States)
Running Time1hr 31min
Age ratingPG
CastEric Bauza (voice of Woody Woodpecker)
Timothy Omundson
Graham Verchere
Thaila Ayala
Jordana Largy
Scott McNeil
Directed by Alex Zamm
Written byScreenplay:
William Robertson
Alex Zamm
William Robertson
Alex Zamm
Daniel Altiere
Steven Altiere
Produced byMike Elliott
Cinematography by Barry Donlevy
Edited by Heath Ryan
Music byChris Hajian
Production CompaniesUniversal Animation Studios
Universal 1440 Entertainment
Distributor Universal Pictures

Woody Woodpecker Movie Cast & Characters:

  • Eric Bauza as the voice of Woody Woodpecker, a rare, manic, and cheeky pileated woodpecker.
  • Graham Verchere as Tommy Walters, the teenage son of Lance. He is Woody’s best friend.
  • Timothy Omundson as Lance Walters, a Seattle lawyer.
  • Jordana Largy as Samantha Barlett, the park-ranger of Pine Grove.
  • Thaila Ayala as Vanessa, Lance’s selfish, arrogant, narcissistic, and cold-hearted girlfriend.
  • Adrian Glynn McMorran as Otis Grimes, a slow-witted poacher and partner/younger brother of Nate.
  • Scott McNeil as Nate Grimes, a cruel poacher.
  • Chelsea Miller as Jill Ferguson, a teenager bass guitarist who becomes Tommy’s friend.
  • Jakob Davies as Lyle, a drummer who is Tommy and Jill’s friend.
  • Sean Tyson as George, a builder who directs the building of the new house of Lance.
  • Emily Holmes as Linda Walters, Lance’s ex-wife and mother of Tommy.
  • Patrick Lubczyk as Chris, a bully who is the partner of John and harasses Tommy but is humiliated by Woody.
  • Ty Consiglio as John, a bully who also harasses Tommy in one part of the film but is humiliated by Woody.
  • Karin Konoval as Barbara Krum, the receptionist for Lance.


Woody Woodpecker must protect his forest home from Lance Walters (Timothy Omundson), who starts building his dream mansion in the forest with his son, Tommy, and fiancée, Vanessa (Thaila Ayala). To make matters worse, he must avoid the clutches of two grizzly poachers. With a series of crazy hijinks to sabotage their plans, Woody proves he’ll stop at nothing to defend his turf. Get ready for big laughs in this hilarious comedy about everyone’s favorite woodpecker!

Woody Woodpecker Movie Box Office Collection & Budget:

Opening Day$1,500,000
Worldwide Collection$15,316,635

About Woody Woodpecker Movie:

Woody Woodpecker is an American live-action animated adventure comedy film produced by Universal 1440 Entertainment in co-production with Universal Animation Studios. Directed by Alex Zamm, it stars Eric Bauza (voice of Woody Woodpecker), Timothy Omundson, Graham Verchere, Jordana Largy, and Thaila Ayala.

The film is based on the cartoon character of the same name created by Walter Lantz and

In November 2011, Universal Pictures and Illumination Entertainment planned an animated Woody Woodpecker feature film. In July 2013, Illumination canceled the project.

Filming began in June 2016 and was completed later in July. Filming was done in Squamish, British Columbia, Canada.

Woody Woodpecker was first released theatrically in Brazil (under the name of Pica-Pau: O Filme) on October 5, 2017. The film was released in the United States and Canada on DVD, Digital HD, and Netflix on February 6, 2018, and on Blu-ray on September 4 the same year. It was launched on direct-to-video format in the United States and around the world on that day.

The film received generally negative reviews from critics. Woody Woodpecker has grossed $15.3 million. It debuted at $1.5 million, finishing second at the Brazilian box office behind Blade Runner 2049. The film increased by +45.4% in its second weekend, moving to first place with $2.1 million.

A sequel, Woody Woodpecker Goes to Camp, was released on Netflix exclusive on April 12, 2024.