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Di Na Muli

September 18, 2021
Season: 1
Episodes: 14
Status: released

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Di Na Muli TV Series Details:

GenreDrama, Romance
Country India
Language Hindi
Release dateSeptember 18, 2021
Running time40-50min
StarringJulia Barretto
Marco Gumabao
Marco Gallo
Angelu de Leon
Bobby Andrews
Directed by Andoy Ranay
Written byNoreen Capili
Dustin Celestino
Trisha Mae Delez
Christine Gara
Produced bySienna G. Olaso
Isabel A. Santillan
Vincent Del Rosario III
Veronique Del Rosario-Corpus
Valerie S. Del Rosario
Executive ProducerVic Del Rosario Jr.
Ray C. Espinosa
Robert P. Galang
Production CompanyCignal Entertainment
Viva Television
Distributor TV5

Di Na Muli TV Series Cast & Character:

  • Julia Barretto as Yanna
  • Marco Gumabao as Mico
  • Marco Gallo as CJ
  • Angelu de Leon as Grace
  • Bobby Andrews as Alfred
  • Mickey Ferriols as Lucy
  • Baron Geisler as Tomas
  • Katya Santos as Olive
  • Lander Vera-Perez as Henry
  • Krissha Viaje as Lauren
  • Liz Alindogan as Divine
  • Ashley Diaz as Angela
  • Andre Yllana as Daryl
  • Nicole Omillo as Chelsea


This fantasy romance series stars Drama Princess Julia Barretto as Yanna, a girl who is forced to inherit the ability to see a person’s remaining lifespan by holding their hands. But such a trait may not be favorable when involving people close to her heart.

Di Na Muli Episodes

Di Na Muli S1, Episode 1: Kapit Lang

September 18, 2021
50 Min 40 Sec
Yanna, an ordinary young woman, strangely sees the lifespan of other people by holding their hands. Her unexpected special ability will change her entire life.

Di Na Muli S2, Episode 2: Pagtatagpo

September 25, 2021
43 Min 15 Sec
Feeling fearful because of her special ablity, Yanna decides to avoid people specially her boyfriend, CJ. Also, she will learn the truth about her father's whereabouts from her mother, Grace.

Di Na Muli S3, Episode 3: Oras Na

October 2, 2021
45 Min 42 Sec
Despite Yanna's fear of seeing CJ's lifespan, CJ keeps pursuing her. They continue to be partners in building their dream hostel. One night, CJ plans a surprised proposal and asks Yanna to hold his hand.

Di Na Muli S4, Episode 4: Bagong Simula

October 9, 2021
44 Min 8 Sec
CJ's family tries to move on in life especially Yanna who will decide to continue their goal of building the hostel project. In doing so, Yanna randomly meets stranged Mico who has been assigned to be her partner in the project.

Di Na Muli S5, Episode 5: Kompetisyon

October 16, 2021
41 Min 28 Sec
Alfred assigns Mico to help Yanna in the reconstruction of CYAN hostel. However, Yanna and Mico could not get along. Their disagreements will result in a showdown.

Di Na Muli S6, Episode 6: Love Hate

October 23, 2021
41 Min 25 Sec
Yanna and Mico are starting to get along. Meanwhile, Grace visits Alfred to thank him for supporting Yanna in her project.

Di Na Muli S7, Episode 7: Hawak Kamay

October 30, 2021
38 Min 46 Sec
As they celebrate the launch of CYAN hostel, Yanna keeps thinking about CJ while Mico deals with disagreements with Chelsea.

Di Na Muli S8, Episode 8: Holding Back

November 6, 2021
44 Min 25 Sec
Yanna reveals her special ability to Mico but hides her true feelings for him. The truth is, Mico also starts to fall in love with Yanna but holds back because of Chelsea.

Di Na Muli S9, Episode 9: Kumplikado

November 13, 2021
46 Min 46 Sec
To put an end to her feelings for Mico, Yanna asked Alfred to reassign Mico to a different project. Meanwhile, Chelsea returns to the Philippines. It surprises not only Mico but Yanna as well.

Di Na Muli S10, Episode 10: Pasabog

November 20, 2021
41 Min 21 Sec
Yanna is puzzled why Mico keeps on avoiding her. Mico is bothered by her revelation about CJ's death. He blames himself for what happened to CJ.

Di Na Muli S11, Episode 11: Tapatan

November 27, 2021
47 Min 31 Sec
Yanna is confronted by Chelsea about the real score between her and Mico. As Yanna denies that there is a relationship between her and Mico, Mico confessed that he is the reason behind CJ’s death.

Di Na Muli S12, Episode 12: Wasak

December 4, 2021
45 Min 5 Sec
Mico will be imprisoned for admitting that he caused CJ's death. Yanna could not forgive Mico for accidentally killing CJ. Her love for Mico turned into rage.

Di Na Muli S13, Episode 13: Yanig

December 11, 2021
46 Min 13 Sec
Contrary to what Yanna and everyone believes that Mico was behind CJ’s death, Angela will be forced to admit what really happened during the night of the accident.

Di Na Muli S14, Episode 14: Huling Kapit

December 18, 2021
42 Min 3 Sec
Yanna chooses to forgive Mico despite everything that happened. Mico is about to leave for a new life abroad. Will there be a chance for them to love each other again?