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Iskandalo (Season 1)

April 10, 2022
Season: 1
Episodes: 10
Status: released

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Iskandalo Web Series Details:

Country Philippines
Language Filipino, Tagalog
Release dateApril 10, 2022
Running time50min
Age rating18+
StarringCindy Miranda
AJ Raval
Ayanna Misola
Joonee Gamboa
Jamilla Obispo
Directed by Roman Perez Jr.
Written byJC Pacala
Enrique S. Villasis
Produced byVincent Del Rosario III
Valerie S. Del Rosario
Veronique Del Rosario-Corpus
Cinematography by Alex Espartero
Music byFrancis De Veyra
Production CompanyViva Films
Distributor Vivamax

Iskandalo Web Series Cast & Character:

  • Cindy Miranda as Patricia Esguerra
  • AJ Raval as Em Celera
  • Ayanna Misola as Agatha
  • Joonee Gamboa as Pio De Dios
  • Jamilla Obispo as Belinda Chuatico
  • Carlene Aguilar as Elaine Celera
  • Sean De Guzman as Trent Martinez
  • Angela Morena as Arabella Uy
  • Pio Balbuena as Armand Luistro
  • Arvic Tan as Lorenzo
  • Francis Magundayao as Choi
  • Evangeline Pascual as Carmen Esguerra
  • Arnold Reyes as Joel Carandang
  • Rocky Salumbides as Philip Pastrana
  • Raul Morit as Mang Roger
  • Ronald Moreno as Agent Bacolod
  • Julio Diaz as Abel Esguerra


A celebrity vlogger involved in a sex scandal and a tough female agent chasing an elusive killer. Two women. Two worlds connected by one scandalous crime.

About Iskandalo Web Series:

Iskandalo is a Filipino crime-thriller drama Vivamax series directed by Roman Perez Jr. and written by JC Pacala, Enrique S. Villasis. The series is produced by Vincent Del Rosario III, Valerie S. Del Rosario & Veronique Del Rosario-Corpus under the banner of Viva Television.

Iskandalo was released on 9 April 2022 and ended on 28 May 2022. The series has 10 episodes.

Iskandalo (Season 1) Episodes

Iskandalo Season 1 Episode 1: VIRAL STAR

10 April 2022
49 Min 28 Sec
Patricia, a reputable agent, investigates the life and secrets of EM, a popular vlogger who got involved in a sex scandal.

Iskandalo Season 1 Episode 2: SECRET BOYFRIEND

17 April 2022
45 Min 18 Sec
EM’s death opens a lot of questions and the first person of interest is EM’s secret boyfriend whom she had an altercation with.

Iskandalo Season 1 Episode 3: STEPFATHER

24 April 2022
48 Min 48 Sec
Patricia’s hunt for the killer continues and this time, it’s EM’s secretive stepfather who’s under investigation.

Iskandalo Season 1 Episode 4: SUPERFAN

1 May 2022
48 Min 40 Sec
A crazed fan’s alarming behavior towards EM sparks suspicion and gets the attention of Patricia and the team.

Iskandalo Season 1 Episode 5: MAN IN THE VIDEO

7 May 2022
45 Min 40 Sec
As EM is laid to her final resting place, the mysterious man in EM’s sex video finally gets exposed and everyone gets shocked.

Iskandalo Season 1 Episode 6: CONSEQUENCE

15 May 2022
44 Min 28 Sec
The killer still roams free while the suspects fight to prove their innocence and another life is put in danger.

Iskandalo Season 1 Episode 7: OBSESSION

22 May 2022
48 Min 26 Sec
Belinda’s relationship with Stephen goes downhill and her powerful father keeps Stephen in check.

Iskandalo Season 1 Episode 8: FACE-OFF

29 May 2022
44 Min 37 Sec
Still occupied with EM’s case, Patricia comes to the rescue and comforts her devastated best friend.

Iskandalo Season 1 Episode 9: HUNT

5 June 2022
48 Min 20 Sec
Patricia’s team gets a tip about the suspect but they must race against time to catch the killer alive.

Iskandalo Season 1 Episode 10: AGENT

12 June 2022
50 Min 12 Sec
Patricia learns the shocking truth about her father’s death and now she is out for revenge.