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Love Song for Illusion

January 2, 2024
70 min
Season: 1
Episodes: 16
Status: released

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Love Song for Illusion TV Series Details:

Also known asHangul 환상연가
Literal meaning Fantasy Sonata
Revised RomanizationHwansangyeonga
Based onLove Song for Illusion by Vanziun
Country South Korea
Language Korean
GenreFantasy, Period, Romance, Drama
Release dateJanuary 2 – February 27, 2024
Aired onMonday, Tuesday
Running time70 min
Age rating16+
StarringPark Ji-hoon
Hong Ye-ji
Hwang Hee
Ji Woo
Directed by Lee Jung-seop
Written byYoon Kyung-ah
Developed by KBS (planning)
Produced byKim Hyung-joon
Lee Eun-jin
Park Choon-ho
Nam Goong-jung
Kim Chul-min
Cinematography by Kim Gwang-soo
Lee Joo-hoon
Edited by Lee Re-ne
Kwon Da-hae
Music byChoi In-hee
Production CompaniesMonster Union
Distributor KBS2
Budget ₩10.5 billion

Love Song for Illusion TV Series Cast & Character:

  • Park Ji-hoon as Sajo Hyun / Ak-hee:
    • Lee Joo-won as young Sajo Hyun
    • Sajo Hyun: the intelligent and multi-talented crown prince who works as a fashion designer at a downtown boutique while hiding his real identity.
    • Ak-hee: Hyun’s alternate personality who is charming but is cursed to feel extreme pain whenever anyone touches him.
  • Hong Ye-ji as Yeon Wol / Consort Eun-hyo: the royal descendant of the fallen Yeon dynasty and the only daughter of Yeon Pung-hak.
  • Kim Soo-ha as young Yeon Wol
  • Hwang Hee as Sajo Yung: Sajo Hyun’s half-brother.
  • Ji Woo as Crown Princess Geum-hwa / Jin Chae-ryun: Sajo Hyun’s first wife.
  • Kim Tae-woo as Sajo Seung: Sajo Hyun’s father and the king of Asatae.
  • Woo Hee-jin as Consort Cheong-myung: Sajo Seung’s concubine and Sajo Yung’s mother.
  • Kang Shin-il as Jin Mu-dal: Jin Chae-ryun’s father.
  • Hwang Seok-jeong as Chung-ta: a mysterious shaman with various personalities.
  • Supporting
  • People around Sajo Hyun:
    • Woo Hyun as Eunuch Neung: Sajo Hyun’s closest eunuch.
    • Han Eun-seong as Ji Jeon-seo: Sajo Hyun’s bodyguard.
    • People around Yeon Wol:
    • Kim Dong-won as Yang Jae-i: leader of the assassin group Baramkal.
    • Lee Joo-an as Ha-rang: a member of Baramkal.
    • Shin Gi-hwan as Hong-gun: Yeon Wol’s gungnyeo.
    • Oh Ji-ho as Yeon Pung-hak: Yeon Wol’s father.
    • Choi Yoon-young as Eun Mi-so: Yeon Wol’s mother.
  • People in the royal court:
    • Yoo Hyung-gwan as the minister of finance.
    • Kim Kyung-ryong as the minister of personnel.
    • Lee Kwan-hoon as the minister of war.
  • Others:
    • Jo Han-jun as Gi-chul: Sajo Yung’s loyal right-hand man.
    • Moon Yu-bin as Noh Ri-sa: Geum-hwa’s gungnyeo.


Yeon Wol (Hong Ye-ji) hides her identity and becomes an assassin to avenge her family. Her mission is to assassinate the king but fails when she falls into a trap set by an unknown person. She wakes up the next day with no memory of her past, and is appointed as the crown prince’s concubine.

About Love Song for Illusion TV Series:

Love Song for Illusion (Korean: 환상연가) is a South Korean fantasy period romantic drama television series directed by Lee Jung-seop and starring Park Ji-hoon, Hong Ye-ji, Hwang Hee, and Ji Woo.

The series is based on a Naver webtoon of the same name by Vanziun, it is about the romance and fierce obsession between a man with two conflicting personalities and a woman with a dark past.

The series was produced by Monster Union and Fantagio. The cost of production of the series was about ₩10.5 billion.

The first script reading of the cast was held in mid-March 2023, and filming was scheduled to begin in May. Originally, the series was scheduled to broadcast the first two episodes consecutively on January 2, 2024, from 21:45 (KST). However, its time slot was changed to 22:10 (KST), and the broadcast of the second episode was pushed back to January 8.

Love Song for Illusion aired on KBS2 from January 2 to February 27, 2024, every Monday and Tuesday at 22:10 (KST). It is also available for streaming on Wavve in South Korea and on Viu and Viki in selected regions.

Love Song for Illusion TV Series Episodes List:

Source: Audience measurement performed nationwide by Nielsen Korea.

EpisodesOriginal broadcast dateNationwide
1January 2, 20244.3% (15th)
2January 8, 20242.8% (20th)
3January 9, 20242.3% (25th)
4January 15, 20242.4% (22nd)
5January 16, 20242.0% (27th)
6January 22, 20242.5% (25th)
7January 23, 20241.8% (29th)
8January 29, 20242.4% (21st)
9January 30, 20241.7% (29th)
10February 5, 20242.1% (27th)
11February 6, 20241.7% (29th)
12February 13, 20241.4% (34th)
13February 19, 20241.9% (32nd)
14February 20, 20241.9% (26th)
15February 26, 20242.1% (27th)
16February 27, 20242.3% (22nd)