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Panchayat (Season 2)

May 18, 2022
20–45 minutes
Season: 2
Episodes: 8
Status: released

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Panchayat (Season 2) Web Series Details:

Country India
Language Hindi
Dubbed inTamil, Telugu
GenreComedy, Drama
Release dateMay 18, 2022
Running time20–45 minutes
Age ratingTV-MA
StarringJitendra Kumar
Raghubir Yadav
Neena Gupta
Chandan Roy
Faisal Malik
Directed by Deepak Kumar Mishra
Written byChandan Kumar
Produced byArunabh Kumar
Executive ProducerVijay Koshy
Cinematography by Harshit Sharma
Edited by Amit Kulkarni
Music byAnurag Saikia
Production CompanyThe Viral Fever (TVF)
Distributor Amazon Prime Video

Panchayat (Season 2) Web Series Cast & Character:

  • Jitendra Kumar as Abhishek Tripathi, Secretary of Gram Panchayat
  • Neena Gupta as Manju Devi Dubey, Pradhan
  • Raghubir Yadav as Brij Bhushan Dubey, Manju Devi’s Husband, Pradhan-Pati
  • Faisal Malik as Prahladchand “Prahlad” Pandey, Upa-Pradhan
  • Chandan Roy as Vikas, Office Assistant of Gram Panchayat
  • Sanvikaa as Rinki, daughter of Manju Devi
  • Durgesh Kumar as Bhushan
  • Satish Ray as Siddharth Gupta Aka Siddhu, Abhishek’s Friend
  • Sunita Rajwar as Kranti Devi
  • Ashok Pathak as Vinod
  • Pankaj Jha as MLA Chandra Kishore Singh
  • Diwakar Dhyani as Sudhir Jaiswal BDO


With the rise of an opponent against Pradhan Ji, village politics of Phulera heats up. Unable to stay neutral, Abhishek sticks his neck out for Pradhan’s family.

About Panchayat (Season 2) Web Series:

Panchayat (Season 2) is an Hindi web series created by The Viral Fever for Amazon Prime Video. The series scripted by Chandan Kumar, was directed by Deepak Kumar Mishra, which features Jitendra Kumar, Raghubir Yadav, Neena Gupta, Sanvikaa, Chandan Roy, Durgesh Kumar, Ashok Pathak, Faisal Malik, and Sunita Rajwar.

On 28 April 2022, Panchayat second season was announced after the completion of the production.On 2 May 2022, it was announced that the second season will premiere on 20 May 2022. However, Prime Video released all the episodes on 18 May 2022, two days earlier than its actual premiere date.In this season, Abhishek is seen taking more interest in village politics and developments alongside preparing for CAT exam.

Panchayat (Season 2) Episodes

Panchayat S1, Episode 1: Naach

Prahlad and Vikas suspect that Abhishek and Rinki are involved with each other, based on Abhishek's unusual happiness after drinking tea on the water tanker. Meanwhile, at the pond digging site, soil is being dug out to be sold to Parmeshwar but Pradhan is not able to negotiate well because of his closeness with Parmeshwar. Abhishek comes up with a plan to make Manju Devi bargain instead of Pradhan since she's very blunt and a better negotiator. After the negotiations, Parmeshwar realises the plan and confronts them and leaves abruptly. In an effort to save the deal, Abhishek, Prahlad & Vikas go to his factory to look for him and eventually find him at the local dance. During the dance, Parmeshwar finds out that one of the two dancers is a man in disguise, and that makes the crowd go berserk and ends up hurting the other dancer in the subsequent violence. Just as the trio reaches the dance, Parmeshwar asks them to help out the girl who had been injured, Abhishek is tasked to take her to the dispensary. When the girl points out that he is actually reluctant to continue with a job he doesn't like, Abhishek dismisses Vikas and Prahlad, who abandon the thought of Abhishek being involved with Rinki.

Panchayat S1, Episode 2: Bol Chaal Band

Due to lagging village development work, Bhushan stands up against Pradhan due to his past grudge and questions Abhishek about his loyalty, labelling him a bootlicker. Abhishek consults his friend Siddharth, who advises him to maintain distance from Pradhan. Later Bhushan catches Abhishek at the temple while he is taking signatures from Manju Devi. Pradhan doubts Abhishek after being ignored and rushes to the office to know the truth. Pradhan invites Abhishek to Rinki's birthday celebration. There, he reveals how Bhushan troubled him. Later, Abhishek confronts Bhushan, who flees after Pradhan, Prahlad and Vikas confront him.

Panchayat S1, Episode 3: Kranti

Even as the installation of toilets takes place in the village at his behest, Abhishek receives word from the BDO that the DM would be visiting Phulera since somebody has tipped off her office that the village was falsely accorded an open-defaecation-free status. With Pradhan, Vikas and Prahlad on alert, the gang soon learns that Bhushan has instigated a rebellion through a man who unfortunately couldn't get a toilet installed at his home. Abhishek tasks Vikas and Prahlad with the prevention of the rebellion, fully aware that Bhushan could misuse Pradhan's lack of public hygiene against the gang.

Panchayat S1, Episode 4: Tension

An anti-alcoholism public announcement car is to go through the village but Vikas and Abhishek discover that the driver himself is heavily drunk. Despite insisting that he will be fine, he skids off the road and they are forced to take him to the panchayat office. They are unable to call either Prahlad, whose son Rahul, an army officer posted in Kashmir, is in town on a holiday, or Pradhan ji, who is meeting Rinki's prospective groom and his family at lunch, for help. Due to confusion about the venue, Pradhan Ji's family and the groom's family end up in different restaurants and despite having made a prior reservation, Pradhan is told to come to the other place and the groom's family ends up insulting him. They decide to leave, realizing marrying Rinki into that family will be a mistake as they do not respect them. Meanwhile, Abhishek and Vikas try to sober up the driver, who later says that he doesn't earn enough and warns Abhishek of the same alcoholic fate. At the end of the day, the gang ends up drinking anyway and lightens up, while the driver sobers up and leaves.

Panchayat S1, Episode 5: Jaise Ko Taisa

Abhishek gets CCTV cameras installed in a few corners of Phulera. A farmer tries to use the camera recordings in order to trace his missing goat. Fate seems to have a trick up their sleeve, though, when Manju Devi mistakenly switches her slippers with those of Bhushan's wife Kranti. Bhushan threatens Abhishek and Vikas with an FIR on grounds of "blatant abuse of power" upon seeing the goof-up, and the duo visit Pradhan and Manju, requesting them to settle the matter. While there, Abhishek realizes that Bhushan has been scheming to report the gang in complete reliance on the CCTV footage. He then stages a plot to return the slippers to Kranti in a polybag, but it hits her head; while Abhishek angrily deletes the footage on seeing through Bhushan's notorious designs in the presence of the group, everyone is forced to visit Pradhan's house all of a sudden whence it turns out that Manju Devi had a scuffle with Kranti; the latter threatens to run for office next year, even pulling Abhishek, who is clearly on the side of the Pradhan's family.

Panchayat S1, Episode 6: Aukaat

A desperate Pradhan Ji makes an attempt to fulfil his biggest election promise of building a healthy road on the highway link. The local MLA, Chandra Kishore Singh, sends Pradhan, Prahlad and Vikas to a protest over the rails. The trio gets arrested in the process, and Abhishek bails them out. They make plans to invite the MLA to Phulera for voter support. Chandra Kishore, however, is unimpressed and swears harshly at Abhishek when he tries to defend the trio's release, claiming that the MLA would have earned some publicity in exchange for the funds Pradhan demanded to construct the road. Abhishek, feeling disturbed, eventually calms down after Rinki texts him, asking him to let go.

Panchayat S1, Episode 7: Dost Yaar

Siddharth decides to surprise Abhishek by visiting Phulera for a day. Meanwhile, Prahlad, Vikas and Pradhan Ji collect funds for the 3-day kirtan planned in the village. Eventually bored, the group decides to have beer in the fields. While there, the topic of inviting the MLA to a religious congregation comes up, which Abhishek takes strong exception to, revealing how he was hurt due to Pradhan Ji not standing up for him when the MLA abused him and reminding him of the times he has stood up for him; he loudly wonders whether Pradhan Ji even truly considers him a friend, and leaves with Siddharth abruptly. Later, the two of them decide to have a beer anyway, only to discover a snake there. They call Prahlad, Vikas and Pradhan Ji for help and they arrive promptly, scouring the office and concluding the snake has left. Later Pradhan Ji hosts them both for the night, and Abhishek reconciles with him, saying he is fine with the MLA visiting.

Panchayat S1, Episode 8: Parivaar

Pradhan prepares for the religious congregation, donating Rs.20000. Bhushan, after knowing Pradhan is boasting about his donation for politics, decides to provide his tent services for free. Meanwhile, the gang decides to have a beer in the office left from the other day. Siddharth also joins the gang via a video call. Prahlad is suddenly cut short through a call informing him that Rahul is martyred. A wave of sorrow engulfs Phulera, with Bhushan and Kranti also abandoning their vendetta against Pradhan and Manju Devi in the process. Upon learning that Chandra Kishore would be visiting Phulera for a sympathy tribute, Pradhan instructs Manju Devi, who, with assistance from Kranti and the women of the village, succeeds in blocking his convoy; Manju Devi then tells him that he has no right to pay any respects to Rahul after disrespecting Prahlad, his father and that he must go back to where he came from. As he reels from the blow to his ego, Chandra Kishore assumes that Abhishek is the reason behind all this and vengefully vows to have him transferred. Meanwhile, Prahlad is heartbroken as the villagers assemble for a funeral. After remaining aloof and alone for 3 days, Prahlad is visited by Pradhan, Vikas and Abhishek. As Prahlad breaks into tears, Pradhan, Vikas and Abhishek comfort and console him. The episode ends with a post-credits scene wherein Manju Devi and Rinki receive a letter and, on opening and reading it, conclude that it is a transfer order for Abhishek, who is unaware, just akin to the women, that it is under duress from Chandra Kishore.