Taj: Divided by Blood Web Series (2023) Cast, Release Date, Episodes, Story, ZEE5, Poster, Trailer

Taj: Divided by Blood (Season 1)

March 3, 2023
Season: 1
Episodes: 10
Status: released

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Taj: Divided by Blood Web Series Details:

Country India
Language Hindi, Urdu
Historical fiction
Release date3 March 2023
Running time41min
Age rating18+
Naseeruddin Shah
Aditi Rao Hydari
Sandhya Mridul
Rahul Bose
Zarina Wahab
Aashim Gulati
Taaha Shah
Sauraseni Maitra
Created byAbhimanyu Singh
Directed by Ron Scalpello
Vibhu Puri
Written byDialogues
Ajay Singh
Screenplay by
William Borthwick
Simon Fantauzzo
Story by
Christopher Butera, Anand Neelakantan
Produced byAbhimanyu Singh
Roopali Kadyan
Cinematography by Simon Temple
Tejal Shetye
Edited by Irfan Ishak
Ben King
Ruchi Barar
Music byIan Arber
Production CompanyContiloe Pictures
Distributor ZEE5

Taj: Divided by Blood Web Series Cast & Character:

  • Dharmendra as Shaikh Salim Chisti
  • Naseeruddin Shah as Akbar
  • Aaryama Salim as Young Akbar
  • Aditi Rao Hydari as Anarkali
  • Sandhya Mridul as Jodha Bai
  • Rahul Bose as Mirza Muhammad Hakim
  • Zarina Wahab as Salima Sultan Begum
  • Aashim Gulati as Salim
  • Taaha Shah as Murad
  • Shubham Kumar Mehra as Daniyal Mirza
  • Pankaj Saraswant as Abul Fazal
  • Anushka Luhar as Man Bai
  • ActorsFirdaush as Hakim Hasan
  • Tanvi Negi as Jagat Gossain
  • Jaanam Raaj as Sahib Jamal
  • Subodh Bhave as Birbal
  • Akshat Mishra as Durjan
  • Pawan Chopra as Giyas Beg
  • Padma Damodaran as Ruqaiya Sultan Begum
  • Shivani Tanksale as Bakht-Un-Nissa Begum
  • Aayam Mehta as Badayuni
  • Deepraj Rana as Maharana Pratap
  • Zachary Coffin as Father Monserrate
  • Sauyma Setia as Young Mehrunnisa
  • Saurabh Selwal as Young Asaf Khan


Set in the 16th century, the story follows Akbar and the war of succession amongst his 3 sons: Salim, Murad, and Daniyal. It is a twisted tale of the struggle for power filled with dangerous politics, poetic beauty, torrid romances, cold treachery, and bloodshed. The show unravels multiple layers of each character in the Mughal dynasty. The series dramatizes the rise and fall of the various generations of the Mughal Empire, showcasing both the beauty as well as the brutality of the dynasty.

About Taj: Divided by Blood Web Series:

The show was first announced in 2018.A peek into the show was released by Dharmendra when he shared that he is playing Sheikh Salim Chisti in this show. The logo was unveiled at a ceremony in Mumbai on February 14. Subsequently, the trailer was launched on February 17. The second season was announced with a trailer on April 23, 2023.

The first season premiered on ZEE5 on 3 March 2023.

Taj: Divided by Blood (Season 1) Episodes

Taj: Divided by Blood S1, Episode 1: Succession

After a few decades of conquering Chittorgarh and witnessing the prophecy of saint Salim Chisti almost coming true, Akbar decides to change the rules of succession to the Mughal throne. Who among his sons will prove worthy of the crown?

Taj: Divided by Blood S1, Episode 2: The Battles of Kabul

Ready to teach his brother a lesson, Akbar decides to wage a war in Kabul. He arranges a horse-taming competition to choose the right heir to lead his army, and hopes Salim will win.

Taj: Divided by Blood S1, Episode 3: A message from God

The celebrations of winning the Kabul war turn into a brawl among the three brothers, and Akbar is infuriated. He visualizes himself as a messenger of God in a dream and announces a new religion, Din-I-Ilahi.

Taj: Divided by Blood S1, Episode 4: May his Glory be Glorified

The announcement of the new religion disrupts the balance in the state. After Akbar escapes a vicious attack, every prince and queen is questioned. Salim's concubines put him in a spot.

Taj: Divided by Blood S1, Episode 5: Qubool Hai

Akbar sends Murad and Daniyal to strengthen alliances in the North and orders Salim to get married. Salim agrees to exchange vows under pressure but does something that shocks the court.

Taj: Divided by Blood S1, Episode 6: Birth of a King

While the princes are battling, Agra gets a new prince - Khusrow - Salim's firstborn son. Murad gets a whiff of Hakim, who has been on the run since the Kabul war. Will the discovery of Hakim's whereabouts expose Daniyal?

Taj: Divided by Blood S1, Episode 7: Sins of the Father

Murad is chastised by Akbar for getting Hakim in chains. While more brides are arranged to ensure Salim's focus on the matters of the palace, his love for Anarkali makes him walk into Abul Fazl's trap.

Taj: Divided by Blood S1, Episede 8: How they Sing…

The entire palace learns about the secret. The favorite prince is no more a favorite as Abul Fazl wins the game. Salim is forced to go into exile, and Daniyal is left broken.

Taj: Divided by Blood S1, Episode 9: The lies they tell.

Anarkali escapes the death sentence. While Akbar wants to go easy on Salim, he ends up making rogue decisions. Salim wants to meet Anarkali, but Daniyal's men capture her.

Taj: Divided by Blood S1, Episode 10: All that Remains.

Daniyal's allies attack Salim. Murad's mysterious death breaks Akbar, who now wants to make the most of what is left.