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Who’s Your Gynac?

September 28, 2023
Season: 1
Episodes: 5
Status: released

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Amazon miniTV

Who’s Your Gynac? Web Series Details:

Country India
Language Hindi
Release dateSeptember 28, 2023
StarringSaba Azad
Karishma Singh
Kunal Thakur
Vibha Chhibber
Aaron Arjun Koul
Noyrika Bhatheja
Directed by Himali Shah
Story byPrerna Sharma
Anuya Jakatdar
Screenplay byGirish Narayandass
Anuya Jakatdar
Dialogues byGirish Narayandass
Anuya Jakatdar
Prerna Sharma
Produced byArunabh Kumar
Cinematography by Arjun Kukreti
Edited by Harshit Sharma
Music byApurva Krishna
Production CompanyContagious Online Media Network
Distributor Amazon MiniTV

Who’s Your Gynac? Web Series Cast & Character:

  • Saba Azad as Dr. Vidushi Kothari
  • Karishma Singh as Swara Iyer Jain
  • Kunal Thakur as Dr. Arth Dhamecha
  • Vibha Chhibber as Nurse Violet
  • Aaron Arjun Koul as Mehr
  • Noyrika Bhatheja as Charmi
  • Indira Krishnan as Dr. Seema Braganza
  • Sangeetha Balachandran as Principal Dhurandare
  • Ankita Sehgal as Manu
  • Ankit Motghare as Swapnil
  • Anusha Jain as Devika
  • Durin Das as Dolly
  • Pavneet Singh Bagga as Rishi


Dr Vidushi Kothari, a 28-year-old optimistic OB-GYN struggles with her personal and professional problems while solving clinical cases that come her way.

About Who’s Your Gynac? Web Series:

Who’s Your Gynac? is a Hindi drama web series directed by Himali Shah for Amazon miniTV. It stars Saba Azad, Karishma Singh, Kunal Thakur, Vibha Chhibber, Aaron Arjun Koul, and Noyrika Bhatheja.

The series was released on September 28, 2023, on Amazon MiniTV.

Who's Your Gynac? Episodes

Who's Your Gynac? S1, Episode 1: A Pregnancy Test and a Pregnancy Case

Thu, Sep 28, 2023
While Dr. Vidushi desperately seeks a pregnancy case for her clinic, a 21-year-old visits her with a pregnancy scare.

Who's Your Gynac? S1, Episode 2: Gulab Jamun and a Birthday Cake

Thu, Sep 28, 2023
A newly married couple having issues in intimacy visits Dr. Vidushi, who is dealing with her own string of embarrassing encounters in the pursuit of impressing Nurse Violet.

Who's Your Gynac? S1, Episode 3: A Chat Group and a Tea Set

Thu, Sep 28, 2023
Vidushi approaches her alma mater school principal to propose a period study program that swings into an uncomfortable predicament later on.

Who's Your Gynac? S1, Episode 4: A Broken Pipe and a Dahi

Thu, Sep 28, 2023
The book of tension between Arth and Vidushi leaves no page unturned until Vidushi comes across a female patient dealing with UTI.

Who's Your Gynac? S1, Episode 5: A Yellow Saree and a Doppler

Thu, Sep 28, 2023
Swara anxiously awaits her mother to reach for her Valaikappu(baby shower). Life comes full circle for Vidushi as she will have to step up as Swara's Gynac and best friend.