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June 28, 2024
Season: 1
Episodes: 7
Status: upcoming

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Apple TV+

WondLa TV Series Details:

Also known asThe Search for WondLa
Based on The Search for WondLa by Tony DiTerlizzi
Country United States
Language English
GenreAnimation, Sci-Fi, Adventure, Fantasy
Release dateJune 28, 2024
Running timeTBA
Age ratingTV-PG
Voice castJeanine Mason
Teri Hatcher
Brad Garrett
Gary Anthony Williams
Chiké Okonkwo
Developed byBobs Gannaway
Directed by TBA
Showrunner Bobs Gannaway
Produced byTony Cosanella
Executive producersBobs Gannaway
Tony DiTerlizzi
Ellen Goldsmith-Vein
Jeremy Bell
Julie Kane-Ritsch
John Lasseter
David Ellison
Dana Goldberg
Cinematography by TBA
Edited by TBA
Music byJoy Ngiaw
Production CompaniesThe Gotham Group
Skydance Animation
Original NetworkApple TV+

WondLa TV Series Voice Cast & Character:

  • Jeanine Mason as Eva
  • Teri Hatcher as Muthr
  • Brad Garrett as Otto
  • Gary Anthony Williams as Rovender
  • Chiké Okonkwo as Besteel
  • D. C. Douglas as Omnipod
  • Alan Tudyk as Cadmus Pryde


A young woman tries to figure out her place in the world while on the run with her robot mother, an over-sized water beast and a tall blue creature.

About WondLa TV Series:

WondLa is an upcoming animated science fiction adventure fantasy television series produced by Skydance Animation and developed by Bobs Gannaway. The series stars the voices of Jeanine Mason, Teri Hatcher, Brad Garrett, Gary Anthony Williams, and Chiké Okonkwo.

It is based on the books The Search for WondLa, A Hero for WondLa, and The Battle for WondLa by Tony DiTerlizzi

In February 2021, it was announced that Apple, in partnership with Skydance Animation, was creating a television adaptation of The Search for WondLa to stream on Apple TV+.

The series was initially set to be written and executive produced by showrunner Lauren Montgomery but was later replaced by Bobs Gannaway. It has been confirmed that the series was given a two-season order. On April 30, 2024, Apple and Skydance announced the cast and revealed that the series would premiere on June 28, with the first season’s seven episodes releasing on Apple TV+.

The series is set to premiere on Apple TV+ on June 28, 2024.

WondLa TV Series Episode List:

EpisodeTitleRelease dateDescription
1“Chapter 1: DOORS”June 28, 2024When a terrifying intruder attacks her underground sanctuary, 16-year-old Eva is forced to leave behind her home and her robot caretaker, Muthr. Armed only with her survival skills and a cryptic note labeled WONDLA, she begins a search for other humans in an unfamiliar world.
2“Chapter 2: LIFEFORMS”June 28, 2024Having survived the attack on her sanctuary, Eva finds herself on a strange planet called Orbona. She meets a telepathic water bear named Otto and a surly alien named Rovender who has a promising connection to humans.
3“Chapter 3: BARGAIN”June 28, 2024Rovender guides Eva and Muthr to the fishing village of Lacus to meet a duplicitous merchant of human antiques. To get the information they need, Eva must make a risky bet at the Spiderfish Races.
4“Chapter 4: GHOSTS”June 28, 2024Eva tracks down the Arsian sage, Darius, who reveals a devastating account of humanity’s last days. Eva doubles down on her quest to find other humans as the alien bounty hunter Besteel closes in.
5“Chapter 5: CAPTIVE”June 28, 2024Besteel delivers Eva to the capital city of Solas, where she finds an unlikely ally in the timid teenage Queen of Orbona.
6“Chapter 6: BRIDGE”June 28, 2024With a human civilization in sight, Eva leads a risky mission across the most perilous obstacle yet.
7“Chapter 7: RUINS”June 28, 2024Eva learns the truth about humankind. Meanwhile, Besteel tracks Eva down for a final showdown.