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From Now On, Showtime! TV Series (2022) Cast, Release Date, Episodes, Story, Review, Poster, Trailer
From Now On, Showtime! TV Series Poster

From Now On, Showtime! TV Series (2022):

From Now On, Showtime! (Korean: 지금부터, 쇼타임!; RR: Jigeumbuteo, Syotaim!) is a South Korean television series starring Park Hae-jin, Jin Ki-joo, and Jung Joon-ho. The series, directed by Lee Hyeong-min and Jeong Sang-hee for Samhwa Networks, is about a mysterious magician Cha Cha-woong and a hot-blooded policeman working with ghosts to solve cases based on hidden clues.

From Now On, Showtime! is a romantic comedy between Cha Cha-woong (Park Hae-jin), a magician and employer of ghosts, and a passionate but hot-blooded female police officer Go Seul-hae (Jin Ki-joo) with supernatural powers.

Quick Information:

TV SeriesFrom Now On, Showtime!
Also known as Showtime Begins!
It’s Showtime!
Hangul 지금부터, 쇼타임!
Revised Romanization Jigeumbuteo, Syotaim!
Country South Korea
Language Korean
No. of episodes 16
Running time 60 minute
Original release April 23, 2022
Created by Hong Seok-woo (MBC)
Viu (production investment)
Directed by Lee Hyeong-min
Jeong Sang-hee
Written by Ha Yoon-ah
Starring Park Hae-jin
Jin Ki-joo
Jung Joon-ho
Production company Samhwa Networks
Distributor MBC
Original network MBC TV

From Now On, Showtime! TV Series Trailer:

From Now On, Showtime! TV Series Cast and Character:

  • Park Hae-jin as Cha Cha-woong, a ghost employer and famous magician.
    • Seo Dong-hyun as young Cha Cha-woong
  • Jin Ki-joo as Go Seul-hae, a hot blooded cop with supernatural powers.
  • Jung Joon-ho as General Choi Gum, he protected the Cha Cha-woong family from generation to generation
  • Jung Suk-yong as Deputy Nam Sang-geon, Father Teresa of ‘Magic Factory’.
  • Ko Kyu-pil as Ma Dong-cheol, In charge of power, chief magician. A former gangster with a phoenix-patterned shirt and a gold necklace.
  • Park Seo-yeon as Kang Ah-reum, In charge of mechanical and electronic equipment, beautiful employee.
  • Kim Won-hae as Park Soo-moodang, He has been serving the general god Choi Gum throughout his life.
  • Cha Mi-kyung as Na Geum-ok, Cha Sa-geum’s longtime colleague, she has the ‘Immortal Grandma’ as her body.
  • Jang Ha-eun as Cheon Ye-ji, granddaughter of Na Geum-ok.
  • Kim Jong-Tae as Ko Young-Sik
  • Kim Jong-hoon as Seo Hee-soo, Go Seul-hae’s longtime unrequited love and the police detective team leader

From Now On, Showtime! Season 1 All Episodes:

SeasonEpisodesRelease Date
116April 23, 2022

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