Elon Musk passes Barack Obama to become most followed account on Twitter

Elon Musk passes Barack Obama to become most followed account on Twitter

With 139.6 million followers Elon Musk is now the most followed person on Twitter.

According to their Twitter profiles’ follower counts, Elon Musk has surpassed former President Barack Obama as the most followed person on the social media platform. As of now, the billionaire Musk has 139,654,386 followers, while Obama has 132,664,253 followers.

On October 27, 2022, business magnate Elon Musk acquired Twitter, Inc. likely played a significant role in boosting his follower count ahead of Obama’s. He reached 100 million followers last June and has continued to attract more since then.

While Musk sometimes shares controversial or humorous memes, he also uses his Twitter account to inform followers about upcoming changes to the platform. He has also solicited feedback from his followers on major decisions, such as reinstating Donald Trump’s account and whether or not he should step down as Twitter CEO.

Obama, in contrast, primarily uses his account for professional purposes, such as promoting important causes or highlighting his presidential accomplishments. The third and fourth most-followed individuals on Twitter, Justin Bieber, and Cristiano Ronaldo, similarly use their accounts for personal and professional updates.

Elon Musk, Barack Obama, Justin Bieber, Cristiano Ronaldo, Katy Perry, and Rihanna top the list, with over 100 million followers each.

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