M. Night Shyamalan’s ‘Trap’ Trailer Unveils a Sinister Twist with Josh Hartnett

M. Night Shyamalan, the master of suspense and shocking twists, has revealed a significant surprise upfront for his upcoming film ‘Trap‘. The psychological mystery thriller, which premieres in theaters on Aug. 9, follows a father and daughter attending a pop star’s concert together, where strange events begin to unfold.

The trailer for ‘Trap’ debuted on April 18, 2024, introducing Josh Hartnett as the father character, who may be hiding some sinister secrets. The film’s premise is established in the trailer, with Hartnett’s character and his daughter eagerly anticipating the concert experience. However, their night takes a dark turn when they notice an unusual police presence and surveillance equipment being installed around the arena.

In a shocking plot twist, Hartnett’s protagonist is revealed to be the very criminal the police are hunting, forcing him to evade detection and survive the concert amidst the chaos. The title Trap refers to the predicament of the killer, ensnared in a crowded arena with time running out.

Joining Hartnett in the cast are Hayley Mills, Marnie McPhail, and Vanessa Smythe. The audience at the concert remains oblivious to the imminent danger, as Mills recently graced our screens in Prime Video’s “The Wheel of Time,” an adaptation of Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson’s books. Smythe is recognized for her role as Michio in “The Expanse,” a series depicting a future where humans have colonized the entire solar system. McPhail, on the other hand, recently starred as Rita Richards in “The Way Home.”

Trap marks the start of Shyamalan’s directing and producing agreement with Warner Bros Pictures Group, and his departure from Universal. Under the agreement, Shyamalan and his Philly-based production company Blinding Edge Pictures will develop original projects for the filmmaker to produce and/or direct for Warner Bros Pictures and New Line Cinema.

In an Instagram post Thursday about the trailer, Shyamalan asked whether fans were “ready for a new experience”. With Trap, audiences can certainly expect a thrilling and suspenseful ride, filled with unexpected twists and turns.


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