Aagantuk Movie (2023) Cast, Release Date, Story, Budget, Collection, Poster, Trailer, Review

Aagantuk Movie (2023):

Aagantuk (Gujarati: આગંતુક) is a Gujarati thriller comedy-drama film written and directed by Naitik Raval. The film stars Utsav Naik, Hiten Kumar, Netri Trivedi, Sonali Lele Desai, Shriya Tiwari, and Rishi Vyas.

Produced by Filmustav Productions and Gallops Talkies, the film’s music is composed by Soham Naik, while Jignesh Pandya has served as the cinematographer and Naiteek Ravval has done the editing.

Aagantuk was released in Indian cinemas on 17 February 2023 by Rupam Entertainment Pvt Ltd.

Aagantuk Movie Information:

Movie NameAagantuk
Country India
Language Gujarati
Release Date17 February 2023
Running Time1hr 43min
StarringUtsav Naik
Hiten Kumar
Netri Trivedi
Sonali Lele
Directed by Naitik Raval
Written byNaitik Raval
Produced byNaitik Raval
Utsav Naik
Rishi Vyas
Shyam NAir
Cinematography by Jignesh Pandya
Edited by Naiteek Ravval
Music bySoham Naik
Production CompaniesFilmustav Productions
Gallops Talkies
Distributed byRupam Entertainment Pvt Ltd
Budgetest. ₹2 crore

Aagantuk Movie Trailer:

Aagantuk Movie Storyline:

On his way back to his house in Saputara, Daanish stumbles upon a stranger lying on the road. The old and tired stranger Shukhlaji latches on to Daanish for a lift on the deserted streets of Saputara ghat. Both strangers, with opposing personalities, inside a car set for a journey full of surprises and shocks.

Aagantuk Movie Cast and Characters:

  • Utsav Naik as Daanish
  • Hiten Kumar as Shukla ji
  • Netri Trivedi as Manaswi
  • Sonali Lele Desai as Mumma
  • Shriya Tiwari as Maria (Nurse)
  • Rishi Vyas as Man In Car

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