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May 5, 2023
2hr 10min
Status: released

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Dorr Movie Details:

Country Pakistan
Language Urdu
GenreAction, Romance, Thriller
Release dateMay 5, 2023 (Pakistan)
Running time2hr 10min
StarringAsad Mahmood
Urooj Chuhdhry
Saleem Mairaj
Directed by Nadeem Cheema
Written byKamran Rafique
Produced byUmar Hayat Chaudhary
Aslam Hassan
Cinematography by M.A. Mustafa
Edited by Imdad Hussain
Music byWaqas Ali
Production CompanyHassan Films
Distributor Metro Live Movies

Dorr Movie Cast & Characters:

  • Asad Mahmood
  • Urooj Chuhdhry
  • Saleem Mairaj
  • Shafqat Cheema
  • Waseem Ali
  • Kamran Mujahid
  • Hafsa Rajput
  • Aslam Hassan
  • Sardar Kamal
  • Azhar Rangeela


The film begins with a robbery at the house of a retired headmaster, Manzoor, after which the robbers and all the victims are involved in a spectacular race that leads to life and death. Takes you to the beautiful valleys of love. During this robbery, there are some unbelievable incidents in that Master Manzoor asks her daughter Mehro to run away with Yasir for the sake of sanctity. Now begins the race of Yasir and Mehro who hide and seek to reach the base of the truck. To avoid the police and robbers, they get on the roof of the bus going to Peshawar, but the same Bali gang also travels on the bus. The film’s climax is filmed in a unique way.

About Dorr Movie:

Dorr is a Pakistani romantic action thriller film directed by Nadeem Cheema and written by Kamran Rafique. Produced by Aslam Hassan under the banner of Hassan Films.

It stars Asad Mahmood, Urooj Chuhdhry, Saleem Mairaj, Shafqat Cheema, Waseem Ali, Kamran Mujahid, and Hafsa Rajput. Dorr was theatrically released on April 21, 2023.