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The Donkey King

    The Donkey King Movie (2018) Cast, Release Date, Story, Budget, Collection, Poster, Trailer, Review

    The Donkey King Movie (2018):

    The Donkey King (Urdu: دا ڈونکی كِنگ) is a Pakistani computer-animated comedy film, directed by Aziz Jindani. The film features the voices of Jan Rambo, Ismail Tara, Hina Dilpazeer, Ghulam Mohiuddin, and Jawed Sheikh. It was released in Pakistan on 13 October 2018 by Geo Films and Talisman Studios.

    After its national success, it became the first Pakistani film to be dubbed into ten languages for multiple international theatrical releases, distributed worldwide by Annalisa Zanierato, for Pantera Film. It is currently Pakistan’s highest-grossing animated feature film ever, and also one of the highest-grossing Pakistani films overall.

    The Donkey King Movie Information:

    Movie NameThe Donkey King
    Urduدا ڈونکی كِنگ
    Country Pakistan
    Language Urdu
    Release Date13 October 2018
    Running Time1hr 25min
    StarringJan Rambo
    Ismail Tara
    Hina Dilpazeer
    Ghulam Mohiuddin
    Jawed Sheikh
    Directed by Aziz Jindani
    Written byAziz Jindani
    Kamran Khimani
    Produced bySyed Falak
    Cinematography by Zeeshan Karimi
    Edited by Faisal Shaikh
    Music byShani Arshad (score)
    Production CompanyTalisman Studios
    Pantera Film
    Distributed byGeo Films
    BudgetRs. 5 crore (US$220,000)
    Box Office CollectionRs. 40.20 crore (US$1.8 million)

    The Donkey King Movie Trailer:

    The Donkey King Movie Storyline:

    Mangu is an insignificant donkey washer who dreams of fame and riches. Though his uncle, Pehelwan Chacha discourages his dreams, the spirit of his father Changu often appears to tell him to keep dreaming. Mangu’s land is ruled by the elite Big Cats who live off the herbivores. Many protests are often held at this by the public, which are futile. While delivering his laundry, Mangu enters the castle and meets the crafty senior adviser, Miss Fitna. Meanwhile the aging King Badshah Khan informs Fitna that he wishes to forfeit the crown to his incompetent and self absorbed child Shahzada Khan. When Fitna influences the animals against this through propaganda, the King decides on a form of ‘democracy’, thinking that no one will be able to stand up to Shahzada.

    Miss Fitna and her cohorts vainly look for a suitable candidate. Then Miss Fitna remembers the naive donkey who will be easily influenced. Mangu agrees to the campaign after encouragement from his father. He and Shahzada compete for the crown through many hilarious ways, like press talks and rap battles, while Fitna supports Mangu through the news’ influence and reverse psychology. Eventually, Mangu makes an inspirational speech from the bottom of his heart that wins over the animals. The Cats are exiled and Mangu starts to live a life of luxury in the palace and neglects his duties. Meanwhile Fitna secretly has an agenda of her own. She serves the human ringmaster and kidnaps the animals for his circus. Mangu accidentally stumbles upon their prison. He realizes his mistakes, apologizes to the animals and stops Fitna’s party. Fitna falls off the cliff into the sea. The public and the Cats fix their problems and accept Mangu as their King. Meanwhile, Changu’s spirit moves on, convinced his son achieved his dreams.

    The Donkey King Movie Cast and Characters:

    • Pakistani version
      • Afzal Khan as Jan Mangu, a washer-donkey and king-to-be of Azadnagar
      • Hina Dilpazeer as Miss Fitna, a red fox who is personal secretary to the king
      • Ghulam Mohiuddin as Badshah Khan, a lion who is the king of Azadnagar
      • Adeel Hashmi as Shahzada Khan, the son of Badshah Khan
      • Faisal Qureshi as Breaking News, a monkey
      • Salman Saqib Sheikh as Rangeela, a chameleon
      • Jawed Sheikh as Changu, Mangu’s father
      • Ismail Tara as Pehalwan Chacha, Changu’s brother and Subadar (Rhino)
      • Shafaat Ali as Ronald Crump, a hippopotamus version of Donald Trump
      • Irfan Khoosat as Jamboora, an chimpanzee who is the media house owner; and Raftaar, a tortoise
      • Shabbir Jan as Sardar Chacha, a grizzly bear
      • Sahiba Afzal as Mangu’s love interest
      • Ahsan Rahim as Mr. Propaganda, a siberian tiger
      • Irfan Malik as Panoti, a zebra
      • Ali Hassan as Raja Uncle
      • Zirgham Amir Khan as a Khota
      • TBA as Jake, a Hyena
    • English version
      • Kenny Knox as Mangu
      • Mark Dohner as Prince Shazad
      • Bobbi Hartley as Miss Fitna
      • Jay Synder as Badshah Khan
      • Mike Pollock as Changu
      • Tyler Bunch as Uncle Perry
      • Jason Yudoff as Jambora
      • Steve Tardio as Godzilla
      • Dave Wills as Zandar
      • Billy Bob Thompson as Monkey News Reporter
      • Rory Mac Kaplan as Bad Luck Brian
      • David McDonald as Rapid, Lando
      • Jim O’ Brian as Bull Bros
      • Starr Bursby as Rebecca Hippo

    Where To Watch The Donkey King Movie Online (The Donkey King Movie OTT Release Date):

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