Mahanagar (One Night In Kathmandu) Movie Poster

Mahanagar (One Night In Kathmandu)

August 25, 2023
1hr 11min
Status: released

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Mahanagar (One Night In Kathmandu) Movie Details:

Country Nepal
Language Nepali
Release dateAugust 25, 2023
Running time1hr 11min
Age ratingPG
StarringKarma Menuka Pradhan
Karma Shakya
Directed by Mohan Rai
Written byMohan Rai
Produced byNawa Nidhi Dahal
Chandra Kant Jha
Govinda Parajuli
Cinematography by Narendra Mainali
Edited by Parikshhit Jha
Music bySangam Panta
Production CompanyMiddleway Films

Mahanagar (One Night In Kathmandu) Movie Cast & Characters:

  • Karma
  • Menuka Pradhan
  • Karma Shakya as Dinesh


One night in Kathmandu, a girl takes a man who is injured in an accident to the hospital nearby along with a boy who is a total stranger. The girl, a frustrated poet, is a victim of depression that has plunged her into an uncommunicative state which prevents her from responding even to the kind gestures of the boy who barely knows her. She will return to her village the next morning after years of constant struggle in the city. The boy, a tour guide

About Mahanagar (One Night In Kathmandu) Movie:

Mahanagar was screened in Kolkotta International Film Festival in 2021. It was officially screened at Brooklyn Film Festival, Nepal-America International Film Festival, Washington DC South Asian Film Festival, Asian Film Festival Barcelona (Spain), Pame International Film Festival (Nepal) and Nepal International Film Festival (NIFF).

It was selected for screening in Indus Valley International Film Festival where it won the ‘most inspirational theme’ award, while also winning best film, best plot, best acting and best director award from NIFF.

The shootings for the film took 37 days to complete.

Also, film writer & director Mohan Rai is planning the next project based on the theme of life in the metropolis. He said, “My next film will also be based on the theme of life in the metropolis.”

Mahanagar (One Night In Kathmandu) was theatrically released on August 25, 2023.