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Punit na Langit

September 8, 2023
1hr 30min
Status: released

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Punit na Langit Movie Details:

Country Philippines
Language Filipino
Release dateSeptember 8, 2023
Running time1hr 30min
StarringTiffany Grey
Apple Dy
Aila Cruz
Directed by Roe Pajemna
Written byRoe Pajemna
Produced byValerie S. Del Rosario
Vincent Del Rosario III
Cinematography by Mel Cobrador
Edited by Nelson Villamayor
Music byEmerzon Texon
Production CompanyViva Films
Distributor Vivamax

Punit na Langit Movie Cast & Characters:

  • Tiffany Grey as Claudia
  • Apple Dy as Dyosa
  • Aila Cruz as Ara
  • Chester Grecia as Rafael
  • Aerol Carmelo as Diego
  • Aria Bench as Salve
  • Keno Kastillan as Bingo Caller
  • Ardy Raymundo as Barker
  • Khenz Veloso as Kapitan Roy
  • RR Lopez as Claudia’s Client
  • Kenn Yan as Claudia’s Client
  • Carlos Aquino Lontok as Claudia’s Client (as Carlos Lontok)
  • JM Evangelista as Policeman
  • Axel Pascual as Policeman
  • Ace Magno as Other Client
  • Hanz Auzar as Other Client
  • Jai Reyes as Shooting Range Girl
  • Aries Bocobo as Snake House Ticketer
  • Joanna De Leon as Ferris Wheel Ticketer
  • Sedrick Rufino as Binatilyo
  • John Paulo Santos as Crowd
  • Mark Vizonos as Crowd
  • Amelia Vizconde as Crowd
  • Jay Mark Santiago as Crowd
  • Joyce Ann Pascual as Crowd
  • Gizelle Puyat as Crowd
  • Ronald Gagarus as Crowd
  • Jimboy Mendoza as Crowd
  • Catherine Garcia as Crowd
  • Emelda Vilacrosis as Crowd
  • Christian Ony as Crowd
  • Christian Jay as Crowd
  • JC Vergara as Crowd
  • Mon Vergara as Crowd
  • Fernando Sitenta as Crowd
  • Reymart Palma as Crowd
  • Ruwell Viola as Crowd
  • Michael Angelo Tolentino as Crowd (as Michael Tolentino)
  • Bernard Gonzales as Crowd
  • Michael Asoro as Crowd
  • Jayson Luague as Crowd
  • Englebert Asunio as Crowd
  • Ariel Azuela as Crowd
  • Carl Olivar as Crowd
  • Jowarah Marie Bolus as Crowd
  • John Rey Rodrigo as Crowd
  • Jun Cabungcal as Crowd
  • Piolo Apolinar as Crowd
  • Dominic Perdigon as Crowd
  • Arnie Dela Cruz as Crowd
  • Jayson Baroso as Crowd
  • James Abad as Crowd
  • Michael Ramos as Crowd


A student from the countryside is admitted to a university in Manila but to make a living in the big city, she indulges in sex work.

About Punit na Langit Movie:

Punit na Langit is a Filipino drama film directed and written by Roe Pajemna. It stars Tiffany Grey, Apple Dy, & Aila Cruz.

Punit na Langit was released on September 8, 2023 on Vivamax.