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Sitio Diablo

    Sitio Diablo Movie (2022) Cast, Release Date, Story, Poster, Trailer, Vivamax Watch Online

    Sitio Diablo Movies (2022):

    Sitio Diablo is a Filipino action thriller film directed by Roman Perez Jr. for Vivamax. The film is produced by Vincent Del Rosario III under the banner of Viva Films.

    It stats AJ Raval, Kiko Estrada, Benz Sangalang, Pio Balbuena, Cean Jr., Karl Aquino, Ace Raval, Just Hush, Because, Alvaro Oteyza, Massimo Scofield, Azi Acosta, Shiena Yu, Ruby Ruiz, and Joko Diaz.

    Sitio Diablo Movie Information:

    Movie NameSitio Diablo
    Country Philippines
    Language Filipino
    Release Date26 August 2022
    Running TimeTBA
    StarringAJ Raval
    Kiko Estrada
    Benz Sangalang
    Pio Balbuena
    Cean Jr.
    Directed by Roman Perez Jr.
    Written byRoman Perez Jr.
    Enrique S. Villasis
    Produced byVincent Del Rosario III
    Cinematography by Alex Espartero
    Edited by Chrisel Galeno-Desuasido
    Music byN/A
    Production CompanyViva films
    Distributor Vivamax

    Sitio Diablo Movie Trailer:

    Sitio Diablo is available on Viva Films YouTube channel, Facebook & Instagram page, and many other platforms.

    Sitio Diablo Movie Storyline (Plot/Synopsis):

    AJ Raval and Kiko Estrada play a gangster couple who returns to Sitio Diablo, a gangland in Manila, and form a new gang, Illustrados. A bloodbath is set to happen when they face their old gang, Los Hijos Diablos who rules Sitio Diablo.

    Sitio Diablo Movie Cast and Characters:

    • AJ Raval
    • Kiko Estrada
    • Benz Sangalang
    • Pio Balbuena
    • Cean Jr.
    • Karl Aquino
    • Ace Raval
    • Just Hush
    • Because
    • Alvaro Oteyza
    • Massimo Scofield
    • Azi Acosta
    • Shiena Yu
    • Ruby Ruiz
    • Joko Diaz

    Where To Watch Sitio Diablo Movie Online (Sitio Diablo Movie OTT Release):

    Sitio Diablo movie is now available on the streaming platform Vivamax. You can watch through the website ( as well as the Vivamax app.


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