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The Echo Movie (2023):

The Echo (Spanish: El eco) is a documentary film directed by Tatiana Huezo. The film, which also includes fictional elements, portrays the children of an isolated village “El Echo”, in the Mexican highlands.

The film is selected in Encounter at the 73rd Berlin International Film Festival, where it was the world premiere on 17 February 2023. The film is also nominated for Berlinale Documentary Film Award.

The Echo Movie Information:

Movie NameThe Echo
SpanishEl eco
Language Spanish
Release Date17 February 2023 (Berlinale)
Running Time1hr 42min
Directed by Tatiana Huezo
Screenplay byTatiana Huezo
Produced byTatiana Huezo
Dalia Reyes
Cinematography by Ernesto Pardo
Edited by Lucrecia Gutiérrez
Tatiana Huezo
Music byLeonardo Heiblum
Jacobo Lieberman
Production CompanyRadiola Films
Distributed byThe Match Factory

The Echo Movie Trailer:

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The Echo Movie Storyline:

In the remote village of El Echo that exists outside of time, the children care for the sheep and their elders. While the frost and drought punish the land, they learn to understand death, illness and love with each act, word and silence of their parents. A story about the echo of what clings to the soul, about the certainty of shelter provided by those around us, about rebellion and vertigo in the face of life. About growing up. —IMDb

The Echo Movie Cast and Characters:

  • Montserrat Hernández Hernández (Montse)
  • María de los Ángeles Pacheco Tapia (Abuela Angeles)
  • Luz María Vázquez González (Luz Ma)
  • Sarahí Rojas Hernández (Sarahí)
  • William Antonio Vázquez González (Toño)
  • Uriel Hernández Hernández (Uriel)
  • Ramiro Hernández Hernández (Ramiro)
  • Berenice Cortés Muñoz (Bere)
  • Andrea González Lima (Andrea)

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