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Une zone à défendre

July 7, 2023
1hr 43min
Status: released

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Une zone à défendre Movie Details:

Movie NameUne zone à défendre
Also known asA Place to Fight For
Country France
Language French
GenreRomance, Thriller
Release Date8 June 2023 (Madrid)
7 July 2023 (France)
Running Time1hr 43min
CastFrançois Civil
Lyna Khoudri
Directed by Romain Cogitore
Written byRomain Cogitore
Thomas Bidegain
Catherine Paillé
Produced byHugo Sélignac
Nicolas Dumont
Cinematography by Julien Hirsch
Edited by Florent Vassault
Music byMathieu Lamboley
Production CompanyChi-Fou-Mi Productions
Distributor Disney+
Budget€7,4 million

Une zone à défendre Movie Cast and Characters:

  • François Civil as Greg
  • Lyna Khoudri as Myriam
  • Nathalie Richard as Severine
  • Bellamine Abdelmalek as Naël
  • Hugo Rossano Parvez as Théo
  • Arthur Rossano Parvez as Théo
  • Anne Alvaro as Chantal
  • Chantal Trichet as Suzanne
  • Manon Bresch as Fred
  • Mona Walravens as Lucia
  • Candice Bouchet as Béné
  • Adilé David as Pauline
  • Arnaud Churin as Hubert
  • Céline Carrère as Catherine
  • Nico Rogner as Niko
  • Oona von Maydell as Jana
  • Caroline Gay as Yaël
  • Félix Bossuet as Fissou
  • Elliot Daurat as Ewen
  • Hadi Rassi as Zap
  • Farid Bouzenad as Hakim
  • Oscar Copp as Thibaut
  • Marie Berto as DGSI Director
  • Hicham Loubar as 4-year-old Théo


Greg is an undercover police lieutenant who must collect information on eco-activists and infiltrates a movement at a ZAD (Zone to Defend), that is fighting to save a forest from the building of a dam. There he meets Myriam, an environmental activist known as “zadist”, and they fall in love. 18 months later, Greg returns to the ZAD in an official mission and finds out that Myriam had a baby.

About Une zone à défendre Movie:

  • This is Disney+’s first original French film.
  • The film was inspired by a real-life scandal that happened in England and hit the European press in 2011, revealing long-term police missions of eco-infiltrators, some of them even had children with activists before disappearing.
  • The project was developed through the TorinoFilmLab Script & Pitch programme in 2016 under the title A Zone to Defend.
  • Principal photography started on 13 June 2022 and wrapped on 12 August 2022. Filming took place in Paris, Essonne, Marseille, Normandy and Melun.
  • Nearly 200 extras acted in the film, and nearly two-thirds of the extras were real Zadists.
  • Director Romain Cogitore spent a lot of time at a ZAD (Zone to Defend in France) living with environmental activists in order to make the film more credible. Cogitore had the permission of the activists and explained the project to them.
  • This film, whose English title is A Place to Fight For, is the third collaboration between François Civil and Lyna Khoudri, who had worked together on the French dubbing of the animated film Lightyear in 2022, and also co-starred in the two-part saga The Three Musketeers: D’Artagnan and The Three Musketeers: Milady, both released in 2023.
  • This is the second collaboration between director Romain Cogitore and actor François Civil. The first was the World War II drama 15 Lads (2011), Cogitore’s first feature film.
  • The first poster was unveiled by Disney+ on 6 June 2023. The trailer was unveiled on 17 June 2023. A clip from the film was released on 5 July 2023.
  • Une zone à défendre had its world premiere at the festival Francia está en pantalla in Madrid, Spain on 8 June 2023. It had a special screening at the Cabourg Film Festival in France on 17 June 2023, and it was released in France and around the world by Disney+ on 7 July 2023, the same day the film was released in Canada by Star+, and in the United States by Hulu. The film was released in English-speaking countries as A Place to Fight For.
  • The film was released in English-speaking countries as A Place to Fight For.
  • According to the streaming aggregator JustWatch, A Place to Fight For was the 5th most streamed film across all platforms in France during the weekend of 8-9 July 2023.