11 Must Watch Hindi Web Series for Entrepreneurs

Must Watch Hindi Web Series for Entrepreneurs

The world of Hindi web series is a treasure trove of inspiration for entrepreneurs, offering valuable insights into the challenges and triumphs of the entrepreneurial journey. These web series not only entertain but also offer valuable lessons for aspiring and seasoned entrepreneurs alike. Whether it’s learning from the ups and downs of startup life or gaining insights into the world of business, these Hindi web series are a must-watch for anyone looking to be inspired and informed on their entrepreneurial path.

So, get ready to immerse yourself in the dynamic world of the Hindi web series and uncover valuable lessons that will propel you forward on your path to success!

This is the list of the Most Popular Hindi Web Series for Entrepreneurs:

The Office TV Series

The Office

Release date: 8 June 2019 – 15 September 2019
Genre: Comedy
Seasons: 2
Episodes: 27
Created by: Rajesh Devraj
Starring: Mukul Chadda, Gopal Datt, Sayandeep Sengupta, Samridhi Dewan, Abhinav Sharma, Gauahar Khan
Storyline: A slice-of-life mockumentary series about the daily lives of a group of office employees, with all the absurdity, friction, tedium and romance of a workplace. In the Indian adaptation of the cult international comedy – The Office, The Dunder Mifflin Paper Company from Scranton, Pennsylvania USA, is reborn as Wilkins Chawla Paper Company in Faridabad, Haryana(India).

TVF Pitchers (Season 2) Web Series (2022) Cast & Crew, Release Date, Episodes, Story, Review, Poster, Trailer

TVF Pitchers

Release date: 10 June 2015 – 2022
Genre: Comedy, Drama
Seasons: 2
Episodes: 10
Created by: Arunabh Kumar
Starring: Naveen Kasturia, Arunabh Kumar, Jitendra Kumar, Abhay Mahajan, Maanvi Gagroo, Ronjini Chakraborty.Riddhi Dogra, Sikandar Kher
Storyline: A story of trials and tribulations of four young entrepreneurs who quit their day jobs in order to pursue their start-up venture.

Official CEOgiri Web Series

Official CEOgiri

Release date: March 18, 2018
Genre: Drama
Season: 1
Episodes: 6
Directed by: Samar Iqbal
Starring: Sumeet Vyas, Preeti Hansraj Sharma, Gopal Datt, Eisha Chopra, Pranay Manchanda, Aahana Kumra
Storyline: The “Drone”acharya CEO comes out of hiding and he’s going fully bonkers. He has two months to save his company. Will he, won’t he ?

Scam 1992: The Harshad Mehta Story Web Series Poster

Scam 1992 – The Harshad Mehta Story

Release date: 9 October 2020
Genre: Biographical, Financial, Thriller
Seasons: 1
Episodes: 10
Directed by: Hansal Mehta and Jai Mehta
Starring: Pratik Gandhi, Shreya Dhanwanthary, Hemant Kher, Satish Kaushik
Storyline: The rise and fall of Harshad Mehta, a stockbroker who single-handedly took the stock market to great heights, is depicted.

Laakhon Mein Ek Web Series

Laakhon Mein Ek

Release date: 13 October 2017 – 12 April 2019
Genre: Drama
Seasons: 2
Episodes: 14
Created by: Biswa Kalyan Rath
Starring: Ritvik Sahore, Alam Khan, Jay Thakkar, Shiv Kumar Subramaniam, Biswa Kalyan Rath
Storyline: Dr. Shreya is posted in Sitlapur village to conduct a cataract camp but challenges begin unfolding one after the other. She keeps fighting the system but the question remains whether she will change the system or the system will change her?

What the Goat Web Series

What the Goat

Release date: April 11, 2017
Genre: Comedy
Seasons: 1
Episodes: 4
Directed by: Aditya Raj Somani
Starring: Sulabh Tiwari, Natasha Azad, Navin Lalwani, Siya Mahajan
Storyline: A witty take on the Startup Circus happening in India. An unusual journey of four small-towners trying to make a mark in the Startup Ecosystem.

The Interns Web Series

The Interns

Release date: October 15, 2020
Genre: Comedy
Season: 2
Episodes: 10
Directed by: Durin Das (7 episodes) and Anant Singh (3 episodes)
Starring: Revathi Pillai, Rashmi Agdekar, Ahsaas Channa, Khushbu Baid, Shivankit Singh Parihar, Vishwajeet Pratap Singh
Storyline: Welcome to the lives of three young interns of Digital Diva. They come with their own set of drama. Come ride along and watch these girls power through their internship and their lives.

Kota Factory Web Series

Kota Factory

Release date: 16 April 2019 – 2021
Genre: Comedy, Drama
Seasons: 2
Episodes: 10
Created by: Saurabh Khanna and Arunabh Kumar
Starring: Mayur More, Ranjan Raj, Alam Khan, Jitendra Kumar, Revathi Pillai, Urvi Singh
Storyline: In a city of coaching centers known to train India’s finest collegiate minds, an earnest but unexceptional student and his friends navigate campus life.

Girl in the City TV Series

Girl in the City

Release date: April 9, 2016 – 1018
Genre: Drama
Seasons: 3
Episodes: 40
Directed by: Samar Iqbal
Starring: Mithila Palkar, Swati Vatsa, Rajat Barmecha, Preetika Chawla, Ajay Trehan, Vishal Chaudary, Naveen Kaushik
Storyline: This show is about a young girl who comes to Mumbai to live her dreams and aim at her aspirations. It is about her journey in the big city.

Panchayat (Season 1) Web Series Poster


Release date: 3 April 2020
Genre: Comedy, Drama
Seasons: 3
Episodes: 24
Directed by: Deepak Kumar Mishra
Starring: Jitendra Kumar, Raghubir Yadav, Neena Gupta, Chandan Roy, Faisal Malik
Storyline: A comedy-drama, which captures the journey of an engineering graduate Abhishek, who for lack of a better job option joins as secretary of a Panchayat office in a remote village of Uttar Pradesh.

Cubicles Web Series


Release date: December 10, 2019
Genre: Comedy, Drama
Seasons: 3
Episodes: 15
Directed by: Chaitanya Kumbhakonum (10 episodes) Divyanshu Malhotra (5 episodes)
Starring: Abhishek Chauhan, Badri Chavan, Ayushi Gupta
Storyline: This is the story of Piyush Prajapati, a 22-year-old, fresh out of college and recruited like most of his batch-mates into an Indian IT company. From the time he gets his first salary, working weekends, work-life balance, and a little bit of heart to all kinds of highs and lows, the show follows many firsts and chronicles the life of Piyush, a typical Indian first jobber, and the people around him.


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