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High on Sex (Season 1)

June 4, 2022
Season: 1
Episodes: 8
Status: released

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High on Sex (Season 1) Web Series Details:

Also known asHigh (School) on Sex
GenreComedy, Drama
Country Philippines
Language Filipino, Tagalog
Release dateJune 4, 2022
Running time1hr
Age rating18+
StarringWilbert Ross
Denise Esteban
Angela Morena
Katrina Dovey
Miguel Almendras
Katya Santos
Created byGB Sampedro
Directed by GB Sampedro
Story byGB Sampedro
Conn Escobar
Screenplay byConn Escobar
Produced byVincent Del Rosario III
Valerie S. Del Rosario
Veronique Del Rosario-Corpus
Vic Del Rosario Jr. (executive producer)
Cinematography by AB Garcia
Edited by Geoffrey William
Music byFrancis De Veyra
Production CompanyViva Television
Five 2 Seven Entertainment Production
Distributor Vivamax

High on Sex (Season 1) Web Series Cast & Character:

  • Wilbert Ross as Gibo
  • Denise Esteban as Issa
  • Angela Morena as Mavic
  • Katrina Dovey as Karla
  • Miguel Almendras as Wes
  • Katya Santos as Mads
  • Sheree Bautista as Marie
  • Marco Gomez as Max
  • Mark Carpio as Sir Lem
  • Robb Guinto as Mrs. Salva
  • Millen Gal as Gia
  • Aica Veloso as Loop
  • Micaella Raz as Ashley
  • Andrea Garcia as Rovie
  • Juami Gutierrez as Luke
  • Lance Raymundo as Coach Tanyag
  • Jiad Arroyo as Kendrick
  • Kedebon Colim as Jude
  • Joe Vargas as Kenneth
  • Ejay Fontanilla as Nick
  • Nathan Cajucom as Hunter
  • CJ Jaravata as Margaux
  • Carlene Aguilar as Carmi
  • Ali Khatibi as Kiko
  • Manu Respall as Gil
  • Gary Lim as Boris
  • Conan King as Marie’s BF
  • Rob Sy as Cong. Magnus
  • Gian Garcia as Bryce


Hilariously sexy coming of age series which follows group of high school students and their sexual life through their high school years.

About High on Sex (Season 1) Web Series:

  • High (School) on Sex premiered on 4 June 2022 via Vivamax.

High on Sex (Season 1) Episodes

High (School) on Sex S1.Episode 1: 1st Day High

June 5, 2023
52 Min 25 Sec
A new batch of senior high students is coming to Harmon Catholic University - Gibo, Wes, Issa, Mavic and Karla. Gibo befriends his aloof neighbor Issa while BFF's Mavic and Wes meet new love prospects. And Gibo's old love, Karla, suddenly returns.

High (School) on Sex S1.Episode 2: Hook-Ups and Downs

June 12, 2022
49 Min 39 Sec
With Karla's return, old wounds resurface for Gibo. Issa gives them space to rekindle their romance but it seems fate has other ideas.

High (School) on Sex S1.Episode 3: Lights Off

June 19, 2022
46 Min 27 Sec
Mavic finds a new love, the timid Max, who is surprisingly good in bed. More surprising interactions come as Harmon University goes on a retreat.

High (School) on Sex S1.Episode 4: S/trip

June 26, 2022
45 Min 32 Sec
Issa gets involved in a nude scandal again. Despite being busy exploring sex with Mrs. Salva, Gibo helps Issa in finding the culprit, with the help of - Karla?

High (School) on Sex S1.Episode 5: Walang mali siya

July 3, 2022
54 Min 42 Sec
Max is confused about his sexuality, thanks to his drunk sexual escapade with an awfully familiar face. Confusion also arises between Gibo and Karla, who seems to be hiding something.. or someone.

High (School) on Sex S1.Episode 6: Balikan

July 10, 2022
45 Min 42 Sec
Gibo finally got another chance with Karla - or did he? The consequences of the events during the party haunt the horny bunch and decisions are needed to be made to make up for it.

High (School) on Sex S1.Episode 7: Ang kalat

July 17, 2022
53 Min 44 Sec
Gibo ends his sexual relationship with his lover teacher hoping to start anew with Karla. Issa finds comfort in Hunter as she tries to save him again from someone.

High (School) on Sex S1.Episode 8: Pound-ation Day

July 24, 2022
57 Min 45 Sec
Gibo chooses between Karla and Issa while Mavic tries to forgive Wes. A scuffle fueled by revenge arises but despite the chaos, the students come together for one cause.