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L (Season 1)

February 27, 2022
47min - 1hr
Season: 1
Episodes: 3
Status: released

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L (Season 1) Web Series Details:

Country Philippines
Language Tagalog, Filipino
Release dateFebruary 27, 2022
Running time47min – 1hr
Age rating18+
StarringVince Rillon
Stephanie Raz
Karl Aquino
Donjake Consuegra
Jackie Lyn Barcebal
Cara Gonzales
Ayanna Misola
Cloe Barreto
Jamilla Obispo
Acey Aguilar
Directed by Topel Lee
Roman Perez Jr.
EJ Salcedo
Written byJon Red
Produced byVincent Del Rosario III
Veronique Del Rosario-Corpus
 Vic Del Rosario Jr. (executive producer)
Cinematography by Arvin Viola
Rommel Sales
Edited by Chrisel Galeno-Desuasido
Mac Hernandez
Music byFrancis De Veyra
Production Design byJames Arvin Rosendal
Production CompanyViva Television
Distributor Vivamax

L (Season 1) Web Series Cast & Character:

  • Vince Rillon as Lucas
  • Stephanie Raz as Lana
  • Karl Aquino as Caloy
  • Donjake Consuegra as Fighting Couple
  • Jackie Lyn Barcebal as Bar Girl
  • Cara Gonzales as Lucy
  • Ayanna Misola as Louise
  • Cloe Barreto as Liza
  • Jamilla Obispo as Prof. Vilma
  • Acey Aguilar as Louise’s Boyfriend
  • Claudia Enriquez as Client 1
  • Juliana Parizcova Segovia as Real Estate Agent
  • EJ Salcedo as Client 2
  • Aica Veloso as Shirley
  • Alf Alacapa as Bugaw
  • Massimo Scofield as Shirley’s BF
  • Miguel Bengson as Call Boy
  • Raul Morit as Bantay ng apartment for rent


Longing for true love, the star of Siklo, Vince Rillon, goes on a journey to overcome loneliness but finds himself surrounded by ladies and tested by lust.

About L (Season 1) Web Series:

L season 1 is a Vivamax original erotic drama a three-part limited web series directed by three directors Topel Lee, EJ Salcedo, and Roman Perez, Jr., and written by Jon Red. The series is produced by Vincent Del Rosario III Jon Red under the banner of Viva Films

It stars Vince Rillon, Stephanie Raz, Ayanna Misola, Cloe Barreto, Cara Gonzales, and Jamilla Obispo.

L (Season 1) Episodes

L Season 1 Episode 1. LARAWAN

27 February 2022
47 Min 7 Sec
After days of not going out, Lucas decides to drive and finds himself visiting an art gallery where he meets a beautiful lady named Louise. Few drinks after, they end up having passionate sex. Lucas, then, discovers something about Louise that would surprise him.

L Season 1 Episode 2. LIKO

27 February 2022
43 Min 26 Sec
One night, Lucas picks up Liza, an attractive woman whom he mistakes as a prostitute. After their sexual encounter, Liza confesses that she is an unhappy wife looking for something. That night sparks more sexual trysts between them. Is Liza the one for Lucas?

L Season 1 Episode 3. LIPAT

27 February 2022
1 Hr 2 Min
Lucas finally decides to rent a new place. Lucy, a woman also looking for an apartment, asks him many questions about the place. Lucas enjoys talking to him and they end up making love. He suddenly wakes up from this beautiful dream. Is Lucy unreal?