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Lovely Ladies Dormitory

December 17, 2022


Cast & Characters

Madam Lovely
Dr. Eric Granada


Director, Writer
Executive Producer
Music Composer

Lovely Ladies Dormitory Details

Season: 1
Episodes: 6
Status: released
Aired on: December 17, 2022
Ended on: January 22, 2023
Age Rating: 18+
Genres: Drama
Country: Philippines
Original Language: Filipino, Tagalog


Five modern women live together under one roof as they deal with their families, career, and men; and explore their colorful sex lives.

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Lovely Ladies Dormitory Episodes

Lovely Ladies Dormitory S1, Episode 1: Stella, the Nurse

18 Dec. 2022
Stella, a hardworking nursing graduate meets a grumpy doctor at the hospital. But instead of getting turned off, she feels the other way. Will her instant attraction be an instant distraction towards her dream of working abroad?

Lovely Ladies Dormitory S1, Episode 2: Alma, the Live Seller

25 Dec. 2022
Stella deals with her heartbreak while Alma receives a heartbreaking news - her live selling account gets locked for her recent ''flash sale.'' Alma gets a new source of income thanks to her friend / fubu Carlo. Can she deliver? Or will danger come her way?

Lovely Ladies Dormitory S1, Episode 3: Tracy, the Virgin

1 Jan. 2023
Tracy has a ''no sex before marriage'' policy in her relationships. Her boyfriend Josef grows impatient but she is firm in standing up for her virginity. But for how long can she preserve it when her selfish boyfriend always finds ways to gaslight her?

Lovely Ladies Dormitory S1, Episode 4: Jackielyn, The Dancer

8 Jan. 2023
Jackielyn aces it in her old “gig” and gets to know her rich and mysterious client personally. As she opens up about her past struggles that made her a tough woman, she opens her heart to give love a chance again. But is she ready to prove that love is love.

Lovely Ladies Dormitory S1, Episode 5: Miya, The Suger Baby

15 Jan. 2023
Miya's secret life gets exposed in a very bad way. But her lovely dormmates are here to help her, legally and physically. With an angry rich old woman, an impending case, a shocked family, and a heartbroken lover, Miya fights to clear her name and make up for her past decisions.

Lovely Ladies Dormitory S1, Episode 6: The Lovely Finale

22 Jan. 2023
The lovely ladies get involved in a life-threatening altercation that causes Madam Lovely to get tired of all the troubles that they bring. Is it the end of their stay or will their sexy mess continue?

About Lovely Ladies Dormitory

  • Lovely Ladies Dormitory is a Filipino comedy drama web series directed by Mervyn Brondial and produced by Viva TV for Vivamax.
  • It stars Andrea Garcia, Hershie De Leon, Yen Durano, Tiffany Gray, Julia Victoria, Alma Moreno, Gene Padilla, Nico Locco, Massimo Scofield, Millen Gal, Chad Alviar, Yuki Sakamoto, Shirley Fuentes, Anne Andres, Mauro Salas, Anthony Dabao, Amor Lapus, Rita Martinez, Matt Francisco, Aerol Carmelo, Allan Paule, Isadora, Alona Navarro, Aica Veloso, Chariz Po, Roi Alonte.
  • Lovely Ladies Dormitory premiered on December 17, 2022, on Vivamax, and has 6 episodes.



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