Trying Season 4 Trailer Released: Apple TV+ Comedy Series Returns with Fresh Hurdles and Heartwarming Moments

Apple TV+ has unveiled the trailer for the highly anticipated fourth season of its critically acclaimed comedy series “Trying,” which follows the lives of Nikki and Jason as they navigate the challenges of parenting their adopted children. The new season, set to premiere on May 22, promises to bring fresh hurdles and heartwarming moments as the family faces new tests of their parenting skills.

Trying Season 4 Plot and Cast

The new season jumps six years into the future, where Princess, now a teenager, starts to yearn for a connection with her birth mother. This development poses a significant challenge for Nikki and Jason, who must confront the ultimate test of their parenting skills. The season will feature a mix of humor and drama as the family navigates this complex situation.

The cast for Season 4 includes Esther Smith and Rafe Spall reprising their roles as Nikki and Jason, respectively. They will be joined by returning cast members and new additions like Scarlett Rayner and Cooper Turner. The soundtrack for the season will feature BEKA, who will provide original songs in each episode

Trying Season 4 Release Date

The first two episodes of Season 4 will be released on May 22, followed by weekly releases until July 3. The trailer showcases the new single from BEKA, titled “Forever,” which will be part of the season’s soundtrack. The trailer also highlights the challenges that Nikki and Jason will face as they try to support their children through life’s uncertainties.


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