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Shashwot Khadka

Country: Nepal
Nationality: Nepalese
Birthplace: Kathmandu, Nepal

Shashwot Khadka is a Nepalese singer, songwriter, guitarist, and composer. His notable work includes the song “Batash,” which gained immense popularity upon its release in 2020. The track quickly became a viral sensation across various social media platforms such as TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, solidifying Khadka’s reputation as a rising star in the Nepalese music scene.

Shashwot Khadka Details:

Date of Birth 2000
Education Bachelor in Food Engineering (India)
Nationality Nepalese
Birth Place Kathmandu, Nepal
Currently, Live In India
Height 5 Feet 9 Inches
Age 24
Genre R&B (Rhythm and Blues), Slow Rock
Debut Song Apratakchya
Popular Song Batash
Inspiration Sajjan Raj Vaidya
Favorite Nepali Singer Sajjan Raj Vaidya, Bikki Gurung, Oasis Thapa
Favorite Song Juni Vari Lai, Mello

Shashwot Khadka Early Life and Education:

Shashwot Khadka, born and raised in Kathmandu, spent his childhood in the bustling city. He attended Kathmandu Model College – TU for his schooling and is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Food Engineering in India. Growing up, Khadka’s shy nature stemmed from his upbringing in a hostel environment, where he struggled to connect with new people. However, despite his reserved demeanor, he found solace in the company of friends, often bonding over conversations and singing sessions. Encouraged by his friends’ appreciation for his unique rhythm and voice, Khadka was inspired to delve into singing and composing his own songs.

In one interview he said, “His greatest inspiration is Nepali singer, songwriter, and composer Sajjan Raj Vaidya.” He also works with an Indian metal band as a guitarist.

Shashwot Khadka Career:

Since childhood, Shashwot Khadka has harbored a deep love for music, often listening to and singing songs. Despite not hailing from a musical family background, Khadka wrote numerous songs from a young age, with “Batash” being one of his creations. While his family prioritized education, they remained supportive of his musical endeavors. The success of “Batash” marked a turning point in Khadka’s musical journey, prompting his parents to recognize his potential in the field of music. Encouraged by this, Khadka is now focused on producing more songs to further establish himself in the music industry.

“Batash” stands out as a milestone in Khadka’s career, distinguishing itself through its captivating music, meaningful lyrics, and Khadka’s unique voice. Despite having previously released two songs, “Apratakchya” and “Mana Ka Kura,” it was “Batash” that propelled Khadka to new heights of popularity within the Nepali music scene. Released on his own YouTube channel “Shashwot Khadka” on July 27, 2020, the song has garnered over 46 million views and amassed more than 263 thousand subscribers, solidifying Khadka’s position as a rising star in the industry.

Shashwot Khadka Personal Life:

Talking about Shashwot Khadka’s girlfriend or relation and affair, there is no information about his relationship and affair. So, based on that we can say that he is single. If we get any information about Shashwot Khadka’s girlfriend or relationship and affair we’ll update you ASAP.

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