Most Subscribed YouTube Channels in Turkey

List of Most Subscribed YouTube Channels in Turkey

RankYouYube Channel NameSubscribersNo. of VideosTotal ViewsCategory
1BETER BÖCÜK 27.8M2,24516.2BGames
2netd müzik 23.9M22,70655.02BMusic
3Enes Batur 15.9M1,9869.7BEntertainment
4Oyuncak Avı 15.2M6508.3BEntertainment
5OYUNCAKOYNUYORUM 11.4M86610.7BEntertainment
6atv 11.1M24,5477.4BEntertainment
7skgames 10.7M7353MGames
8Orkun Işıtmak 10.3M1,5893.3BPeople
9Czn Burak 10.1M3803.7BEntertainment
10Deli Mi Ne? 8.74M3552.1BPeople
11KIDIBLI Türkçe olarak 8.3M5614.5BEntertainment
12Sevimli Dostlar 8.19M7868.7BEducation
13Maşa İle Koca Ayı 8.06M9134.6BFilm
14KanalD 8.04M27,5878.2BEntertainment
15Kafalar 7.71M5112.09BEntertainment
16Kuruluş Osman 7.45M5,7563.6BEntertainment
17Aliashraf Purgafari 6.91M3571.6BGames
18Ruhi Çenet Medya 6.66M297849MEducation
19Gültekin Ailesi 6.64M23,5887.7BPeople
20Çukur 6.62M3,9787.01BFilm
21TRT Çocuk 6.38M4,6785.4BEntertainment
22Zuuks Games 6.37M6685MGames
23Reynmen 6.28M461.6BMusic
24AfacanTV 6.28M3154.3BMusic
255 DAKİKADA HALLET 6.13M4,8292.1BHow to
27OHA diyorum! 5.61M2,9853.9BMusic
28Niloya 5.34M6614.8BFilm
29Poll Production5.34M6,1808.1BMusic
30FOX 5.17M19,4383.7BEntertainment
  • K means thousand
  • M means million
  • B means billion


How much does YouTube pay for 1000 views in Turkey?

YouTube’s average payout rate is $3.08 for 1000 views in Turkey. However, the amount of money paid by YouTube for 1000 views can vary depending on several factors, such as the location of the viewers, the type of content, and the specific advertising rates at the time of the views.

Which is the most subscribed YouTube channel in Turkey?

BETER BÖCÜK is the most subscribed YouTube channel in Turkey with more than 27.8 million subscribers.

Which is the most viewed YouTube channel in Turkey?

netd müzik is the most viewed YouTube channel in Turkey, with 55.02 billion views.

Who is the No 1 YouTuber in Turkey?

Enes Batur is the no. 1 YouTuber in Turkey with more than 15.9 million subscribers.

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