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Sssshhh (Season 1)

March 25, 2023
49 min
Season: 1
Episodes: 4
Status: released

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Sssshhh (Season 1) Web Series Details:

Country Philippines
Language Filipino
Release dateMarch 25, 2023
Age rating49 min
StarringSalome Salvi
Jackie Lyn Barcebal
Aaron Concepcion
Yen Durano
Micaella Raz
Directed by Roman Perez Jr.
Written byRoman Perez Jr.
Enrique S. Villasis
Produced byVincent Del Rosario III
Valerie S. Del Rosario
Vic Del Rosario Jr. (executive producer)
Cinematography by Rodolfo Amandy Jr.
Edited by Aaron Alegre
Music byFrancis De Veyra
Production Design byJunebert Cantila
Production CompanyStudio Viva
Distributor Vivamax

Sssshhh (Season 1) Web Series Cast & Character:

  • Salome Salvi as Salome Salvi
  • Jackie Lyn Barcebal as Stylist
  • Aaron Concepcion as Andy
  • Yen Durano as Annika
  • Micaella Raz as Kyla
  • Arron Villaflor as Numen
  • Vince Rillon as Aidan
  • Quinn Carrillo as Marcel
  • Chesca Paredes as Mitchiko
  • Alexa Ocampo as Eunice
  • Victor Relosa as Jensen
  • Julia Victoria as Carmi
  • Aerol Carmelo as Echo
  • Rash Flores as Connor
  • Jeffrey Hidalgo as Bernie
  • Elora Españo as Badette
  • Ada Hermosa as Trish
  • Amanda Avecilla as Evie


Four titillating stories in one steamy hot podcast hosted by the popular adult content creator, Salome Salvi. The podcast features provocative sex stories that tickle the sexual fantasies of its listeners.

About Sssshhh (Season 1) Web Series:

Sssshhh is a Vivamax original drama series directed by Roman Perez Jr. and produced under Viva Films.It stars Salome Salvi, Yen Durano, Micaella Raz, Chesca Paredes, Quinn Carrillo, Julia Victoria, Alexa Ocampo, Aaron Villaflor, Vince Rillon, Rash Flores, Vr Relosa, Jeffrey Hidalgo, Joharah Navarro, Amanda Avecilla, and Aerol Carmelo. Sssshhh premiered on March 25, 2023, on Vivamax.

Sssshhh (Season 1) Episodes

Sssshhh S1, Episode 1: HALL PASS

49 Min 46 Sec
A couple is hit by the so-called seven-year itch. To fix their love life and sex life, the husband proposes a setup called hall pass. An agreement between two partners wherein once a month, they can have sex with a stranger.

Sssshhh S1, Episode 2: BENCHING

48 Min 13 Sec
Kyla is the star player of a provincial school varsity until one day, Marcel–a fairly popular player joins the team. Kyla’s efforts to protect her spot turns 360 degrees as she finds herself feeling something romantic and sexual towards her competitor.

Sssshhh S1, Episode 3: S1E3. PARTY N' PLAY

45 Min 16 Sec
Michiko is an undercover agent whose mission is to infiltrate the drug market. She parties and pretends to use drugs in exclusive clubs. As she gets closer to the big fish, she discovers a secret that will put her life and mission in danger

Sssshhh S1, Episode 4: GUILT TRIP

48 Min 10 Sec
After admitting to cheating with another woman, Jensen discovers that his wife Annika is a Cuckqueen, a woman who gets off watching her man do it with other women. Desperate to get Annika’s forgiveness, Jensen agrees to be a part of his wife’s fetish.