Mirai Glimpse: Teja Sajja’s Super Yodha Adventure Set to Save the World from Dark Forces

Mirai Glimpse: Teja Sajja's Super Yodha Adventure Set to Save the World from Dark Forces

Teja Sajja, the rising star of Telugu cinema, has announced his next project titled ‘Mirai – The Super Yodha‘ or shortly ‘Mirai’, which is set to release on April 18, 2025. The film’s title, which means ‘future’ in Japanese, was unveiled along with a thrilling glimpse on April 18, 2024. The glimpse showcases Teja Sajja as a Super Yodha (super warrior) with a Yo stick in his hand, standing in front of an erupting volcano and an eclipse in the background.

Mirai Telugu Glimpse
Mirai Hindi Glimpse
Mirai Tamil Glimpse

Directed by Karthik Ghattamneni, ‘Mirai‘ is a supernatural sci-fi action adventure film based on King Ashoka and his secret nine. The film focuses on the Kalinga War, which is still considered the greatest battle of generations. The glimpse offers a never-before-seen and witnessed experience, introducing Teja Sajja as the Super Yodha who manages to stop the eclipse from reaching Ashoka Secret 9, preventing destruction.

The film stars Ritika Nayak as the female lead, with music composed by Gowra Hari. It is set to be released in multiple languages, including Telugu, Hindi, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, Bengali, Marathi, and Chinese, in both 2D and 3D versions.

In an interview with Hindustan Times, Teja Sajja described ‘Mirai’ as a grand and ambitious project. The film is being produced under People Media Factory by TG Vishwa Prasad, with Vivek Kuchibhotla serving as the co-producer. Karthik, who is also a cinematographer, handled the camera work and penned the screenplay.

The teaser of ‘Mirai’ has already garnered a massive response, with over 15 million views and trending at No. 1 on YouTube. The film promises to be a thrilling adventure, with Teja Sajja’s Super Yodha character set to save the world from dark forces.


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