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Grom: Boyhood

    Grom: Boyhood Movie (2023) Cast, Release Date, Story, Budget, Collection, Poster, Trailer, Review

    Grom: Boyhood Movie (2023):

    Grom: Boyhood (Russian: Гром: Трудное детство) is a Russian crime comedy action film, based on the Major Grom comic book series by Russian publisher Bubble Comics. The third film in the Bubble comic book adaptation series, a prequel to Major Grom: Plague Doctor (2021).

    It is directed by Oleg Trofim and written by Artyom Gabrelyanov, Evgeny Fedotov, and Ekaterina Krasner. The film stars Kay Aleks Getts, Sergey Marin, Aleksei Vedernikov, Vladimir Yaganov, Daniil Vorobyov, and Irina Rozanova.

    The plot sets in the 90s and tells about the past of police major Igor Grom and the life of his father, Major Konstantin Grom. The film was announced in December 2021 and principal photography took place from March to May 2022 in Saint Petersburg. The film premiered on January 1, 2023.

    Grom: Boyhood Movie Information:

    Movie NameGrom: Boyhood
    RussianГром: Трудное детство
    Original titleGrom: Trudnoye detstvo
    Country Russia
    Language Russian
    Release DateJanuary 1, 2023
    Running Time1hr 20min
    Based onMajor Grom by Artyom Gabrelyanov
    Evgeny Fedotov
    StarringKay Aleks Getts
    Sergey Marin
    Aleksei Vedernikov
    Vladimir Yaganov
    Daniil Vorobyov
    Irina Rozanova
    Directed by Oleg Trofim
    Written byArtyom Gabrelyanov
    Evgeny Fedotov
    Ekaterina Krasner
    Produced byArtyom Gabrelyanov
    Michael Kitaev
    Olga Filipuk
    Cinematography by Maxim Zhukov
    Edited by Dmitry Korabelnikov
    Music byRoman Seliverstov
    Production CompaniesBubble Studios
    KinoPoisk HD
    Distributed byKinoPoisk
    Box Office CollectionTBA

    Grom: Boyhood Movie Trailer:

    Grom: Boyhood Movie Storyline:

    Twenty years before the ‘Plague Doctor’ events, Igor Grom was just a schoolboy who loved hanging out in the streets with his best friend while his dad spent nights at police work chasing criminals. Grom-senior is hunting Anubis, the powerful local crime lord. Meanwhile, Grom-junior is exploring ways to make money and embarks on risky adventures.

    Grom: Boyhood Movie Cast and Characters:

    • Kay Aleks Getts as Igor Grom – A young schoolboy, son of Police Major Konstantin Grom.
    • Sergey Marin as Police Major Konstantin Grom – Major of the Saint Petersburg Police, “an honest, uncompromising and open person, and also a loving and caring” father of Igor Grom.
    • Aleksei Vedernikov as Colonel General Fedor Prokopenko in his youth – Partner, and friend of Konstantin Grom.
    • Vladimir Yaganov as Ignat Buster – Igor Grom’s best friend.
    • Daniil Vorobyov as Yuri Smirnov – An undercover cop from Konstantin Grom’s department.
    • Irina Rozanova as Elena Khmurova – Tough and domineering police chief of St. Petersburg.
    • Anton Adasinsky as Glashatay
    • Stanislav Baretsky
    • Aleksei Takharov as Korotyshka
    • Igor Usachyov as rapper
    • Aleksandr Garanin as Anubis guard
    • Daniil Molchanov as financial pyramid worker
    • Stas Baretskiy as Bandit
    • Mikhail Parygin as Anatoly Vrodin

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